Kody Brown Apologizes To Janelle’s Boys, Was It Real?

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Kody Brown finally apologized to Janelle’s sons in part three of the tell-all. However, was it a sincere apology? More so, what was he apologizing for? Does Kody even know anymore? Read on for more details as to what he had to say in the moment.

Kody Brown Apologizes To Janelle’s Boys, Was It Real?

It is no secret that the pandemic did a number on Kody Brown and some of his children. The rules that he had implemented just did not sit well with some of his older kids, especially his sons. Two of the boys he had with his second wife, Janelle, were still active in their lifestyles when Covid hit. Gabe was in college and had a girlfriend while Garrison was working and even had essential worker papers to carry so he could get through town. Unfortunately, Kody did not understand this need to be out and about and deemed them disobedient and unsafe.

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In part three of the tell-all, Kody Brown was discussing the situation with his sons. Host Sukanya Krishnan inquired what the status was between Kody, Gabe, and Garrison. He stated that he is currently estranged from them over the situation but maintains that he just wanted to be safe. Then, Kody looked at the screen and apologized to his sons but reminded them that he was just being cautious.

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It is very hard to tell if Kody Brown was being sincere or disingenuous. The fact that he used a public forum to make the apology was quite disturbing. Should he have told Sukanya that he would prefer to keep it private between him and his children? Was this his way of trying to save face? Or was this an olive branch? It would have been nice to hear from Janelle after the fact but, sadly, that never happened.

The Boys Are Fine

As of the holidays, Gabe and Garrison were doing just fine without their father. They had gathered together in Flagstaff along with their other brother and Christine’s son, Paedon. The boys, along with a cousin, took a handful of extremely happy and silly photos which they shared on Instagram. However, there has been no chatter of Kody Brown anywhere and that seems to be just fine for all of them. Their mother, Janelle spent time over Christmas in North Carolina with her eldest daughter, Maddie. No one appears to need Kody but it would be interesting to hear some reactions to this “apology.”

Do you think Kody Brown was being sincere? Let us know and watch the final part of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday, January 8th on TLC.



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