‘Sister Wives’ Fans Go Crazy Over Drug Decor In Holiday Photos

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Sister Wives fans are going crazy after spotting drug paraphernalia in some holiday photos. Janelle and Christine Brown’s boys gathered for Christmas and appeared to have a blast. However, it was not just the smiles on their faces that stood out. Rather, it was an object in a wall cubby that caught fans’ attention. What exactly was it? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Fans Go Crazy Over Drug Decor In Holiday Photos

Everyone in the Brown family seemed to do their own thing for the holiday. Janelle spent time with her daughter, Savanah in North Carolina visiting her eldest daughter, Maddie. They did puzzles and attended Janelle’s grandson, Axel’s holiday play. Over in Utah, Christine played board games with her youngest, Truely. At the same time, her older daughter, Aspyn, and her husband, Mitch made a big holiday purchase.

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Then there were the boys. Garrison was joined by his brother Gabe and his brother from another mother (Christine), Paedon. A fourth gent joined in who appeared to be a cousin and they had a great time, filled with laughs and photos. However, eagle-eyed fans saw Paedon’s posting on Instagram and quickly noticed something in the background in a wall cubby. It just so happened to be a bong that they did not care to take down.


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“Absolutely love the bong. God bless America,” one person commented. Another added: “Love the bong!! Lol.” Someone joked that they loved the “vase.” “I spy with my little eye…a bong on the shelf,” a follower noted. It appears that this was the highlight of the photos. Finally, one fan chimed in with this: “Best photo ever! Bong decor! Love it.”

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Aside from the bong being the focal point, Sister Wives fans praised Gabe and Garrison for how they handled their father, Kody. More so, they felt that how the boys stood up to him was impressive. Plus, they praised Janelle as their favorite wife and wished her a lot of happiness. As revealed in the Season 17 tell-all preview, she and Kody have separated. However, the details as to why and what actually caused the split has yet to be revealed.

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Part two of the tell-all will air Sunday, January 1st and fans are hopeful that they will get more answers. Whether or not they can come back together is questionable. Kody wants someone who can respect him and essentially have blind loyalty. However, Janelle is not that woman. She is quite independent and has been for many years.

What do you think of the bong in the holiday photo? Finally, was it tacky, or just boys just having fun? Let us know and watch part two of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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  1. give the boys a break they are good kids. so quit being petty. I think it’s legal so judge not lest ye be judged.

  2. And we wonder why drugs are so prevalent when we as adults accept the fact that kids dont even mind flaunting all their paraphernalia in front of anyone. Adults dont know how to parent any more. Always making excuses for them.

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