‘Sister Wives’ Aspyn Brown Celebrates Holiday With Big Purchase

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Sister Wives star Aspyn Brown is celebrating the holidays with a big purchase. Along with her husband, Mitch, the two took to social media to share their exciting new gift to themselves. So, what exactly did Christine and Kody’s daughter buy? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Aspyn Brown Celebrates Holiday With Big Purchase

Christine’s daughters have had a lot to celebrate in 2022, especially close to the holidays. Gwendlyn got engaged to her girlfriend, Beatriz while Mykelti welcomed twin boys. They made their grand arrival on November 17th, a week shy of Thanksgiving so a lot is going on in the Brown family. Aspyn was seen in Season 17 briefly but has not been a big presence for the show. She and her husband, Mitch live a relatively low-key life in Utah.

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However, they were featured in the Thanksgiving 2020 episode when Christine and her children opted to spend the holiday with them. In her mind, she wanted to be around those who truly loved her and not a home divided. Shortly thereafter, Christine made the decision to leave the plural family and her longtime marriage to Kody. Aspyn’s husband Mitch was there to help her move while Aspyn was waiting in Utah with keys to her new rental.

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Now, Mitch and Aspyn have keys of their own as they shared on Instagram. “We bought our first home! Just in time for Christmas,” Mitch posted alongside a picture of him and his wife. Her father’s former second wife, Janelle was quick to comment: “Oh Congratulations!!! How exciting!” Janelle’s daughter and Aspyn’s sister, Maddie Brush also dropped a like and their followers wished them well. This is a big and clearly exciting step for the couple who wed in 2018. 

What’s Next?

Fans have long wondered when and if Aspyn Brown and Mitch will start a family. They seem quite content living their life and being with family. Plus, they have only been married since 2018. Her sister, Mykelti got married in 2016 but did not have her first baby until 2021. The most important thing is that they are happy and thriving. Maybe the question comes up because Mitch’s sister is Vanessa Alldredge and she was once featured on Seeking Sister Wife.

Along with her husband, Jeff, and sister wife, Sharis they had been looking to add another wife. They already had several children and ended up finding a third but that ended up failing. This could be why Mitch and Aspyn are a tad more cautious. In any case, they are happy and starting a beautiful new chapter together.

What do you think of Aspyn and Mitch’s Christmas gift? Let us know and watch part two of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday, January 1st on TLC.

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