‘Sister Wives’ Mykelti Padron Details Dramatic Delivery, Talks Twins

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Mykelti Padron gave birth to healthy twin boys on November 17th. Named Ace McCord and Asher Banks, they join their older sister, Avalon Asa. This birth was quite different for the Sister Wives star as she had opted not to have a home birth this time. Now, the newly minted mother of three is opening up about her dramatic delivery and talking about all things twins. Read on for more details.

Mykelti Padron Details Her Dramatic Delivery With Ace & Archer

Fans watched Mykelti have a home birth with her first child, Avalon, born in April 2021. Her mother, Christine Brown was right by her side along with her husband, Tony Padron. Mykelti’s father, Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn was also there via Zoom. However, it was not an easy or short birth with Avalon being born with the cord wrapped around her neck. Once she found out she was pregnant with twins, the questions came in for Mykelti. She would give occasional updates but it was an October 29th update that sparked many questions.


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Fans wanted to know if she was having the babies in a hospital, which she was, and if she was having them via C-section. She said that she would do her best to have them vaginally. Now, in her Instagram story, Mykelti is detailing what exactly happened the morning of her induction, November 17th. As it turned out, she had to have an emergency C-section because both of the boys were breached. This means that they were not coming out head first but rather feet first.

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Therefore, the delivery would have been extremely unsafe for her. So, Mykelti went with what was best for the babies. She went on to reveal that they only had to spend one night in the hospital as everyone was really healthy. However, she is still in a lot of pain but notes not as much as the first day. Mykelti is just happy that the twins came home with her and, again, everyone was really healthy.

Big Differences

Mykelti Padron was excited to share the big differences between Ace and Archer. They are fraternal twins and they have features that help to tell them apart. Archer has really dark hair, much like his father. Then there is Ace who is a ginger. Mykelti joked that she has been a fake ginger since she was 15. Many of the Brown kids were born with blonde hair and then went on to color it. Her fellow pregnant sister, Maddie Brush has colored her hair for years, as well. She has since spent about a year trying to get back to blonde.

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Finally, Mykelti shared that she delivered at 38 weeks which is actually full-term for twins. Back in October, she was measuring at 47 weeks and was highly uncomfortable. She knew that she could deliver any day and was just playing the waiting game. By the time she delivered, she was measuring at 54 weeks pregnant with where the boys were. Now they are Earthside and she could not be happier. Congrats to the new mom of three.

Did you expect Mykelti to be so open about her delivery so soon? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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