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Kody Brown & The Lemon Resurfaces

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Kody Brown and the infamous lemon are back on the scene. Yes, fans of the lemon got to see it play out one last time in part three of the Sister Wives tell-all. Intentional or do the producers just really like the way Kody hacked into it? Read on for more details.

Kody Brown & The Lemon Resurfaces

In early December, an episode of Sister Wives aired. Janelle and Kody Brown went out to lunch to discuss the state of their marriage. While there, Kody got water and a LOT of lemons. He proceeded to not only squeeze them into his drink but then hack into them with his fork. All of the anger that he had inside of him was taken out on these poor lemons. It ended up trending on social media and fans could not stop talking about the way he played with the lemons.

Kody Brown/YouTube

Now, in part three of the tell-all, the lemons have resurfaced. Kody Brown was telling the host, Sukanya Krishnan about how he really felt that his second wife, Janelle got hurt the most by plural marriage. He believes she came in idealistically and that just shattered. When it was time to hear what she had to say, they proceeded to roll the clip of him and her at lunch. The focus was then on Kody hacking into the lemon.

Kody Brown/YouTube

She had said that maybe they could be good friends instead of a couple as he wanted 100% loyalty from her. This was what she thought she had given him but apparently, she was failing. The rules had changed for Janelle which she had no knowledge of until Robyn came along. Structure changed when the pandemic hit and their kids started doing their own things. Now, it was one husband and many wives, not a family. Kody wanted it his way.

A Metaphor?

Was there such a focus on Kody Brown and the lemons because it was a metaphor for how his life and marriages were going? Since that scene was shot, he lost two more wives and Janelle truly asserted her independence. She realized she was far happier away from Kody and that was not something he expected. Meri also got the message that the marriage was over and she said that she had left him. However, she was still hopeful that somewhere down the line things could turn around. All Kody Brown wanted was respect and loyalty and instead, he got monogamy.

What do you think of Kody Brown and his lemons? Let us know and watch the finale of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday, January 8th on TLC.

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