‘Sister Wives’ Fans Blast Sukanya Krishnan, Tell-NOTHING Host?

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Sister Wives fans were, once again, not impressed with tell-all host Sukanya Krishnan. They believed that she failed to deliver the goods and got nothing out of Kody. One even asked if he was controlling the three-part special. So, what else did the fans have to say about the two-time host? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Fans Blast Sukanya Krishnan, Tell-NOTHING Host?

Sukanya Krishnan seemed to get very little out of Kody Brown which angered a lot of viewers. There was even a point where he refused to talk about his fourth and only wife, Robyn. He flat-out said he would not discuss their marriage which negated the idea of a tell-all. However, one fan did point out that this is no longer being deemed a tell-all but rather a one-on-one. So, is Sukanya really completely off base since the format of the special has shifted?

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Fans do not really care as they took to Reddit to express their displeasure with the host. “Sukanya Krishna[sp] is such a weak/terrible interviewer. Part 3. Argh, disgusted. 3rd part of the “TELL nothing” is no better than first two. Kody and Roby walked all over her yet again. She didn’t ask anything important. Suki must be a relative of someone important at TLC. No other reason TLC would keep using her,” the thread started.

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Another Redditor quickly followed up with this: “One thing that annoyed me was when people would tweet her she would say things to insinuate it’s going to get deeper as the tell all goes it of course it never did.” One noted: “She seemed to always validate Robyn and Kody, yes, mmhmmm, nodding her head…but then she almost never did that when the other wives were speaking. Kody is an abusive man, they escaped, why not some validation for them as well.”

Would A Man Fare Better?

Additionally, fans asked if a man would have fared better than Sukanya Krishnan in the interview process. That did not seem to go over well. “Kody would not like a man interviewing him. He like to have the floor with a male interviewer he would be sharing the floor,” one replied. Furthermore, viewers did not care if the questions were so rough that they caused walk-offs. They would rather it be genuine and sincere as opposed to bland and passive.

Again, the thread referenced Tamron Hall who has been a host favorite. She was not afraid to challenge Robyn when she was hosting and now, fans are missing that. They believe that Sukanya Krishnan has sunk quite low and even embarrassed herself. The hope is that, after two poor tell-alls, TLC will finally listen and get someone else.

Do you think that Sukanya Krishnan did a poor job of hosting or was she just doing her job? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. It was obvious Kody and Sobyn Robyn dictated the “tell-all.” They are liars and totally deserve each other. Kody has no heart and he had a look in his eyes that scared me.

  2. of course he was. the host probably wants to be the next wife. if Robyn doesn’t want to be involved then get the hell out. why do a tell all. all she does is cry.

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