Sukanya Krishnan Continues To Bomb As ‘SW’ Tell-All Host

Sister Wives fans have been tuned in for the tell-all special for the past three weeks. It is hosted by Sukanya Krishnan. Krishnan has been trying to get the tea about the Brown family. From asking questions about polygamy to what is next for them, Krishnan has posed some tough questions. She has gotten a lot of backlash though. Fans have slammed her for treating each Brown member differently and some unfairly.

Sukanya Krishnan- Instagram
Sukanya Krishnan- Instagram


The Tell-All Problems Continue

Ever since the first part of the tell-all aired, fans have been up in arms about Sukanya Krishnan. They were let down by the questions that she asked the Brown family. They felt that there were many unanswered questions. Viewers wanted her to ask tougher questions to really get to the bottom of their issues. During the tell-all, she interviewed every Brown family member separately. This was seen as a way to get their undivided attention, but it seems that fans think Sukanya fell short.

This new approach to the tell-all kept the Browns from fighting with one another. This also kept Sukanya Krishnan out of the drama, but instead, she got a more intimate chat with each of them. Fans were quick to start in on the hosting of the show. The first issue that came up with fans wanted harder questions. There were hints of spilling the tea, but fans felt no tea was spilled! They thought that she missed out on the crucial follow-up questions that would tie their stories together.

Not only did fans want harder questions, but they were also curious if Sukanya Krishnan even watches the show. Many thought that she didn’t do any research to develop her interview questions. These fans think that if she did watch the show, she would have been able to ask better follow-ups.

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Viewers Are Not Pleased

Fans of Sister Wives were very let down by how Sukanya Krishnan handled the interviews with the cast members. They were all over Twitter and Reddit with their comments. One tweet read, “Def needed a better host who would have asked better questions and held folks accountable for what they said before. She let them off very easy.” Another tweeted, “This host is horrible! I really hope they don’t bring her back again.” A final tweet read, “I am so upset by the host actually- the fact she presented Kody’s claim and discouraged him from reconciling with Meri as a FACT, that she referred to Christine’s ‘bad behavior’, that she’s said on Twitter they are all responsible for the breakdown of the marriage.”

The opinions were intense on Reddit too. One Redditor wrote, “I think that she just followed a script that she was given. I don’t think this really was an interview.” One more added, “Suki does suck at interviewing. She didn’t even tell Meri that Christine said it was a lie. TLC, please never use Suki again!” It looks like the fans have stated their case and if they want to see another Sister Wives tell-all, hopefully, TLC will consider their words.

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One Comment

  1. I think she did a poor job as well. She allowed Kody to overwhelm her and his claims went unchallenged and unsubstantiated. One might consider that Kody talks out of both sides of his mouth. He blames Christine for destroying the family, not trying to fix it. But, he is downright dismissive of Meri and her feeling AND her dedication to remain in the marriage. Suki takes the word of Kody over not only Christine but Janelle and Meri, although Meri just wants backs in the marriage. Meri seems desperate when she speaks of “loyalty to Kody” when it serves the conversation. Loyalty, doesn’t that work in both directions . Me,me, me, I,I and I are Kody’s most used words. Only about what he wants. In 3 of 4 marriages, he is the only one that has no fault in their demise; the only one deserving loyalty and respect.? And when Robin admits that she “heard” that Christine was vehemently against Kody and Meri reconciling, that is taken as truth, even though Meri was unaware of it. Suki, why did you not challenge that. Robin ends up in the hospital and we hear the never ending saga of Kody’s battle with Covid. He is a narcissist and Suki fell under his………..spell? Not enough space here to state all I felt wrong with interview. Congrats to Christine and Janelle for escape and Meri, put on your walking shoes and leave the lovebirds to themselves.

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