What To Expect On Part 2 Of ‘Sister Wives’ Tell-All

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The Sister Wives Season 17 tell-all is finally returning with part two after a week’s hiatus. It left fans without many answers, especially after the explosive preview. Now fans are chomping at the bit to see what the show has in store for the next part after a lackluster part one.

What To Expect On Part 2 Of Sister Wives Tell-All

Part one of the tell-all left little to be desired especially after the preview. In it, it showed how Kody and his second wife, Janelle had finally separated. This was something that had been speculated for some time and now it had been confirmed. Viewers were eager to see what had transpired and what it meant for the fate of the show. Unfortunately, that was not addressed in part one of the Sister Wives tell-all. So, what can fans expect for part two?

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They have started a Reddit thread to address what could be coming up for part two. One thing that they want to know is if Kody and Robyn took all of Janelle’s money. Finances are a huge issue considering Janelle is the only sister wife who has been left with nothing. She even said she was sticking around so she could get something that she owned to leave to her kids. Redditors noted that at least Meri owns her B&B whereas Janelle has nothing. Yet, both women have said they left Kody with Meri’s departure addressed in part one.

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“Janelle can handle herself as long as she’s making her own decisions,” one person noted. Another added: “This is why I think she is separated rather than divorced. They can’t pay her back because they put all her funds into an illiquid asset. They aren’t going to put her name on it either.” Others believe that Janelle was the most abused when it comes to money hence where her anger came from this past season. Many also think that Janelle is getting a lawyer while others question why she wasn’t more financially aware.

She Works Hard For The Money

It is interesting to watch Janelle on Sister Wives during Season 17. She is struggling with money and to find something stable yet she was the one who worked the hardest all these years. When the show premiered in 2010, Janelle was the one who maintained the family. She was the breadwinner who worked from early morning until the evening. So, to have given absolutely everything away to Kody and Robyn really needs to be addressed at some point. Whether or not it will is yet to be seen. Maybe after she has officially left and can do her own tell-all.

Do you think finances will be open for discussion in part two of the tell-all? Let us know and watch part two of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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  1. One thing people are missing is that Janelle was the big money maker. She has the education that Kody lacks. So what will happen is that Kody and 4th wife….Robin will lose their big home because Janelle won’t be paying for it!

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