Sukanya Krishnan Responds To Criticism, Kody Didn’t Control Her?

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Fans have felt that tell-all host Sukanya Krishnan was controlled by Kody Brown. After all, he has a close relationship with one of the Sister Wives producers. So, it would make sense that he might have a hand in what questions he is asked or even pre-approval. Now, Sukanya is firing back but what does she have to say? Read on for more details.

Sukanya Krishnan Responds To Criticism, Kody Didn’t Control Her?

Sister Wives fans were not impressed with tell-host Sukanya Krishnan. Once again, they felt she went too easy on Kody and her questions were weak. More so, many wondered if Kody had pre-approval over what he was asked. Now, the host is responding to all of the criticism toward her. A tweet directed at Sukanya Krishnan that she responded to was posted to Reddit and started a whole thread. Here is what was said as well as her reaction.


The tweet said: “how about asking some really hard questions on the tell all and have them in the same room? Looks like Kody is calling the shots by not letting the wives confront what he did.” Sukanya responded with this: “Hey Bama Gal. I don’t think he is controlling anything. They all play a role in the disillusionment of this marriage. Watch and let’s talk.” Unfortunately, fans were not buying what Sukanya was putting out. Rather, they deferred back to the days of Tamron Hall and her fearless ways.

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“I just watched one tamron hall did and she flat out said “ this is called a tell all so u will have to tell” I’m like whaaaat?!?! What happened to that policy!?” one noted. Another added: “She is queen. I watched a clip of tamron and she asked kody a question (I forgot what she asked him) and after kody answered Tamron said ‘I dont believe you’. Kody looked so pissed. That was probably her last tell all. Lol.” Finally, one Redditor stated: “Tamron is a professional journalist, and Suki…well not so much.”

What. Did. Kody. Do?

Fans cannot help but speculate as to what Kody may have done to warrant Tamron not returning. Therefore, this left Sukanya Krishnan as the only option. Someone pointed out that it really is no longer a tell-all but rather a one-on-one but that should have nothing to do with the host. One Redditor claimed: “Kody didn’t like it so production got rid of her [Tamron] and no longer pushed him on anything.ever.again.” Finally, one responded to Sukanya’s tweet about how viewers needed to watch and then they could talk. They said, “we are watching and she’s horrible.”

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In the end, this was the host they got even though no one liked her for Season 16. Will they do netter next time? That is yet to be seen. Do you think that Kody controlled the tell-all? Should Sukanya Krishnan have had better control over the questions and what happened? Let us know in the comments below.




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  1. Have to agree she did not ask the hard questions except for the one about favourite wife he got pissed but never answered and she never pushed any further such a shame and a waste of watching for 3 Sundays we still don’t have any answers plus all he went on about was Christine he cannot seem to get past that

  2. I’m okay with the first two Tell All’s being individuals but the last one should have had all of them together so we could have gotten some of the answers we still don’t have. Robyn was not confronted on some of her mistruths.

  3. I asked years ago. Why Kody want divorce and marry each wife and legally give them his name. I also suggested that he married Christine last. This question was never asked on TLC or the wives on Twitter or other Social Media sites. It was ignored. I think TLC could boost their ratings with a show on the 3 Wives after Kody/Robyn aka Sobbing Brown. People would love to see the life after. Watch their steps of new beginnings after 40. After Marriage. After raising 13 children. Life After Divorce. A show that might teach and give others a new look on their current situation. See that it may not be great at first but it’s better then sitting in a life with someone like or worst then Kody Brown.

  4. she was the hardest on Christine, then accepted Kodys word for truth, when anyone who actually watched the show knew was lies!!! She is a terrible host of tell all’s!!!!

  5. I think codys friend in production should be let go and they need to quit letting cody run the show!!!

    1. She says “watch” and then you will see… well I watched and I saw nothing except Kody controlling Suki… just like he he tries to control all women in his life… it was a disgusting. and a waste of complete time… Nothing new came out in the tell all… Suki let Robyn and Kody use it for their sounding board and lies, lies, and more lies… They could have had the “custodian” sit in Suki’s seat and would have done a much, much job… There is no way that Suki can say she did a “good job”!!!!

      1. Sukanya definitely does NOT have any control. She acts like a high paid puppet when it comes to Kody and Robin. She does NOT demonstrate the characters of a good host. For those of us who have watched the show unlike Sukanya knows a lot of the answers given by Kody and Robin contained some lies.

        A tell all contains all of the cast in one area at the same time facing some hard truths but of course Kody the narcissist and Robin the cryer would NEVER agree.

  6. I think Shawn Robinson does a much better job than Sukanya. She loves to surprise the guests with a “gotcha” on 90 Day tell alls. I rarely see anyone not answer her zingers. I think he got away with everything on the show.

  7. I think Kody is mad at Christine because she made the decision to leave and not him. he had no control over her anymore!! theway he handle the*rules* over covid was ridiculous!! There’s being careful and there’s being paranoid!!
    Sukanya talking to him was lame!! this was the last season of Sister Wives. Bring on a show about Christine and Janal!!; Everyone is done with Kod, Mary and sobyn!!

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