‘SW’ Fans See Past ‘Tell All’ Host Tamron Hall Put Robyn In Her Place

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Sister Wives fans had not seen a tell-all in a handful of years. So they were very much looking forward to seeing the three-part one-on-one for Season 16. Many appreciated first-time host, Sukanya Krishnan. However, they missed Tamron Hall who had a history with the Browns. Recently, an old tell-all clip came to light in which Hall put fourth wife, Robyn in her place. Was Krishnan too soft on the family and should Hall return?

Sister Wives History Of Tell-Alls

When most TLC reality shows hit their season finales, there is a big tell-all event. Fans eagerly await these moments where the truth is supposed to come out. For the Brown family, many questions were always up in the air, especially with them being a plural family. Every season thus far, the family sat with each other and a few segments involved the children. It was all about problem/resolution to get fans wanting another season. Over the years, different correspondents shared hosting duties. For Season 13, it was SuChin Pak who rose to fame on MTV.

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This time around, it was Sukanya Krishnan who was not met with much respect from patriarch Kody Brown. Granted the format was completely different as the wives and Kody were interviewed separately and no kids were involved at all. Viewers appreciated her, according to Reddit: “Sukanya Krishnan handles Kody very well. And btw, she’s more than “some ex-news anchor”, Kody. She’s a very accomplished reporter.” Despite her handling of Kody, it was former host Tamron Hall who was missed for a plethora of reasons.

Bring Back Tamron

Though Sukanya Krishnan understood the Sister Wives assignment, looking back, fans have begun to miss Tamron Hall. In a resurfaced clip from  Season 6, she is seen putting Robyn in her place. When asked about jealousy, they have always downplayed it until that year. Tamron wants to further delve deep into it as it has come mainly from one wife. Robyn claims she was asked for a specific example then openly says she is not going to “rat” Christine out. Therefore, Tamron turns the tables and says she will rat Christine out herself.

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In a way, Robyn threw Christine under the bus when she really did not have to. It was also a very telling moment as Kody is sitting next to a pregnant Robyn. Yet he was kissing her while Christine was in labor– and he and Robyn were not even married. Tamron was able to command five of the Browns at once while each tried to justify reactions and actions of the season.

Should Tamron return for the Season 17 Sister Wives tell-all if there is one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Plain as day Cody & Robin mentally abused all three ladies and then acted like they were the victims. For me bye flisha . I will watch meri,Christine and jennale but Cody and Robin take your sorry selves and hit the road..I would love to see spin off of sister wives minus dirt bag Cody and manipulating ROBYN..oh and by the way Robyn you did follow the all mighty Cody rules watch the clip when jennale brought your birthday present towel warmer you took it right in the house..oops gotcha miss I follow all the rules why can’t they…..

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