Fans Don’t Believe Sukanya Krishnan Has Watched The Show

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Sister Wives fans find it hard to believe tell-all host Sukanya Krishnan ever watched the series. They did not even want her to return for the Season 17 tell-all. She was deemed too lenient on Kody and even Robyn whereas former host, Tamron Hall had been much more aggressive. Furthermore, Sukanya Krishnan allowed Kody to be rude to her during her first time as a host without even a slight reprimand. With the way she has handled him, it is questionable if she even saw how the season actually played out. Read on for why fans do not believe she even watched the show before accepting the gig.

Fans Don’t Believe Sukanya Krishnan Has Watched The Show

During parts one and two of the Sister Wives tell-all, host Sukanya Krishnan played the game of telephone. She would take what Kody or a sister wife would say and retell that to the others. They would then respond to her and the cycle would continue. It appeared very immature and based on small clips the cast and Sukanya would watch and react to. Now, a Reddit thread has been started addressing if the two-time host has even watched the show.

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“It would be a totally different reunion if Sukanya had actually watched Sisterwives!” the thread started. That led fellow Redditors to add their reason for why they believed Sukanya Krishnan had never seen the series. “She acted so surprised to hear that Janelle had left the Family once! When I saw her shocked reaction.. I was like “ who doesn’t know that!” one responded. Yes, it has been noted that Janelle spent time away from the Browns. However, she also cleared up some false truths for Krishnan.

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Another added: “Fully agree. Not only was she a crappy host– simply taking Kody and Robyn’s version of events as the truth without digging deeper– but by repeating these lies to the others, she was being downright irresponsible.” One Redditor noted: “That lady did us dirty. She needs to investigate her subjects better before interviewing them. Seems like she just showed up.. very disappointed in her work.” Finally, someone had this to say: “She has done an abysmal job and clearly knows nothing about the show. It’s so frustrating to watch.”

Are They Her Questions?

One Redditor made a great point. They asked: “Do the producers not write the questions?” Therefore, if that is true then it does not matter if Sukanya Krishnan has thoroughly watched the show. Though it would be helpful if she is in touch with what is going on so she can understand the fans’ frustrations. Some have asked if Kody gets pre-approval on the questions and he very well may as he has a close relationship with one of the producers.

Do you get the impression that Sukanya Krishnan never watched the show? Or is she just reading the questions that she is provided? Let us know and watch the final part of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.


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  1. She has never ever watched One Episode. In my opinion. These conversations she is having is just that. No questions. No real questions that the fans want to understand and asked.

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