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Janelle Brown Calls Kody On His Self-Serving Recall

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Janelle Brown is calling her estranged husband, Kody out on his self-serving narrative. During part two of the Sister Wives tell-all, Kody told a story about his wives. Unfortunately, he told it from his perspective. When it came time for Janelle to give her insight, she had quite a bit of a different take on what happened. Read on for more details.

Janelle Brown Calls Kody On His Self-Serving Recall

It is about time that people start calling Kody out on his lies. Last time on the tell-all, Meri and Christine found an inconsistency in one of Kody’s stories. Now, his former second wife, Janelle Brown is calling him out on another one in part two. While he was talking to host Sukanya Krishnan, Kody explained how Janelle had felt very ganged up on. While he and his three original wives were living in Wyoming, he alleged that she was the outcast. Apparently, she had actually left the family.

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Furthermore, he alleges that she said that she was not a part of the Meri and Christine club and was staying with her mother. It was not until he found the one home that she told him to put the down payment on it. Not necessarily wanting to move to Utah but she liked the setup of the home. However, when Janelle Brown was asked about this whole situation, she had a different reaction. She explained that sometimes Kody likes to see things the way he wants to in order to make himself happy.

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This was actually not the case rather she had become settled in Wyoming and had established herself there. They all had homes and she liked it. Admittedly, there were difficulties with the other wives but nothing as dramatic as the way he had made it out to be. Fast forward to 2021 and Christine became the first wife to exit the plural family. Janelle and Meri followed suit in 2022 leaving fourth wife, Robyn as the only one still with Kody.

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Kody has also alleged that Christine talked poorly about both Meri and Janelle Brown constantly. It had become very hard for him to trust his former third wife once she and Janelle became extremely close to one another. For Christine’s part, she alleges that she was just venting, as all wives do. Furthermore, he claimed that it was Christine who blocked him from reconciling with Meri. This is also something she has vehemently denied. Meri also does not believe reconciliation was ever really in the cards as she tried to kiss him more recently and he moved away. So it is hard to trust anything Kody says.

Do you believe Janelle Brown when she says Kody was saying what he wanted to recall for his self-serving purposes? Let us know and watch Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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  1. cody is a horrible man wether he has one wife or three ,he has put himself on apedestil and see him self as a ruler of his world . he is greedy and selfish and put himself first before the other family members.he is just a horrible person with no respect anyone just abully ican’ believe in this dat and age that he can be so stupid

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