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Does Kody Brown Get Pre-Approval On Tell-All Questions?

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Does Kody Brown get to approve the tell-all questions prior to being asked them? This is something that fans are desperate to know. It seems that he is very prepared with stories and fabrications. Plus, the recent host is known to go a little too easy on him, as well. So, does he have any say as to what he will be asked? Read on for more details.

Does Kody Brown Get Pre-Approval On Tell-All Questions?

When Kody Brown is asked questions at the tell-all, sometimes he seems overly prepared. Or, the hosts may go too easy on him. That is the case with the current host, Sukanya Krishnan. She was not a fan favorite after appearing in Season 16 because viewers felt she let Kody and Robyn off way too easy. So, when she returned for Season 17’s tell-all, fans were worried she would not come with the hard-hitting questions. Furthermore, one of the producers is extremely close to Kody and Robyn.

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A Reddit thread was started to address what would be happening during the rest of the tell-all. One asked when they would address the finances. Someone had this to say in a since-deleted comment: “NEVER because those are questions Kody would state the answers are nobody’s business…I’d almost bet my life that he does a run thru of the questions asked and picks and chooses what he will and won’t talk about..”

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It would be completely unfair to fans if Kody Brown were able to pre-approve the questions prior to answering them. That would give him an unfair advantage and a chance to decide what fans got to see and hear. Plus, it would completely erase the concept of a tell-all. Then, the next question would have to be if the wives have the same privilege. There should be an even playing field for all involved. Yet, this is doubtful with how adamant Kody is about being the patriarch.

A Better Host

Fans want a better host to interview Kody Brown at this point. They do not feel that Sukanya Krishnan is strong enough in any capacity. Some suggestions have been thrown around, one of them being Maury Povich. They feel that, even if he popped in briefly, it would be well worth it. Kody Brown needs to be dressed down and put in his place and that has yet to be done. There are still two parts left of the tell-all and a lot is left to be said. Will it all come out or will be fans left wanting more?

Do you think Kody Brown is privy to the tell-all questions beforehand and gets approval on what is asked? Let us know and watch part two of Sister Wives One-One-One Sunday on TLC.

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