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Kody Brown Says Plural Marriage Isn’t All ‘Beer & Skittles‘

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Kody Brown warns those considering plural marriage that it isn’t all “beer and skittles.” While most Sister Wives fans agree the saying makes absolutely no sense (as many of Kody’s sayings tend to roll), fans assume he was trying to say plural marriage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Turns out, Kody thinks plural marriage happens very differently for men versus women.  The controversial patriarch is referring to his relationships with his wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. He said women in plural marriages bare a different burden than men. Kody said this in one of his interviews on a recent episode of Sister Wives. He also said he’s seen men leave plural relationships with more than five wives and, “never feeling loved.”

Unsurprisingly, Sister Wives fans have been pretty quick to troll Kody and his nonsense sayings. His thoughts on plural marriage were no exception.

A clever TikToker made a coffee cup and other merchandise with Kody wearing his Pharoah costume from Halloween. It has the words, King of Coyote Pass. There are several more posts on TikTok with quotes Kody has made that are in the same vein as his recent take on marriage.

Kody Brown, TikTok
Kody Brown, TikTok

What Did Kody Brown Say About Plural Marriage?

Kody Brown spent a lot of time ranting about the differences between men and women. He said if they were all men, they’d be playing video games and getting along. With women, there is a lot of drama. He indicated several times that his wives exhibited bad behavior. This angered Christine who said she wasn’t a child, and that was an asinine statement. Similarly, he outright said he didn’t want a relationship with Meri anymore in an interview after chastising Christine for not asking him what he wanted with their marriage.

Over the years, he has treated his wives like property but refused to take the time to spend needed time with each. Kody acknowledged marriage isn’t all, “skittles and beer.” One fan said, “clearly Kody has had too many skittles.”

Kody Brown, YouTube
Kody Brown, YouTube

According to All About The Tea, Kody said Christine wouldn’t have left if he’d been the head of the household, especially during COVID. Kody explained that the women, “gave their will,” to him. As we reported, he panted like a dog as he mimicked his wives wanting him to pick them for a relationship. This action grossed fans out as they thought he shouldn’t represent his wives as puppies wanting his attention.

Is Kody Brown The Drama?

Kody Brown made the drama statements after Christine had told the family she was leaving. On the post of  a clip from Kody’s rant on the TLC Instagram a fan said, “If a man had 5 or 6 wives that left him he should be asking himself if he is the drama?” That person went on to say indeed Kody is the drama.

What do you think about Kody’s take on his plural marriage? Did Christine make the right move when she left the family? Read more about Christine’s post-Kody life here. Comment below with your thoughts and come back to TV Shows Ace for all things Sister Wives.

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  1. Kody is a pompous idiot whose hair is leaving him as quickly as his wives. I really do hope he finds a young, attractive woman to join his “family” so that Robyn can finally understand how the other wives felt when he stopped giving them equal time.

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