‘Sister Wives’ Fans Want Maury Povich To Interview Kody Brown

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Sister Wives fans are speaking out and they are demanding Maury Povich interview Kody Brown. They have not been impressed with Sukanya Krishnan since she first appeared in Season 16’s tell-all. Now, after part one of Season 17’s, they have had enough. That is why fans are suggesting Maury for the job and here is their reasoning, Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Fans Want Maury Povich To Interview Kody Brown

Fans were not thrilled when they learned that Sukanya Krishnan was returning as the tell-all host. They wanted someone who would challenge Kody and, even Robyn, to some extent. Tamron Hall was known to ask hard-hitting questions and not hold back. Fans even suggested that they become the hosts since they knew how and what they wanted to ask. However, this was clearly not something that could happen.

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Now, a Reddit thread has been started to suggest who the best candidate to interview Kody would be. “If they aren’t going to give us an interviewer who challenges his lies, maybe Maury could make a guest appearance? Kody, you just can’t rewrite history after we have watched you for years say how you’re done with Meri. No one is buying this reconciliation BS,” the thread started. Yes, Maury Povich is the suggested host. At the very least, fans would love for him to just pop in and grill the father of eighteen.


A fellow Redditor saw the image that was included. It was Kody from the tell-all and a meme of Maury will his infamous catchphrase,” The lie detector determined that was a lie.” To that, the response was: “This episode all in one picture summary love it.” Finally, someone was just shocked Kody wore that awful suit. If that is the main detractor, they definitely need a new host.

A Good Suggestion?

Many Sister Wives fans were torn on part one of the tell-all. It seemed like the preview gave so much away that the actual episode was lackluster. More so, Kody played victim the entire episode and Sukanya allowed it. Fans and viewers just wanted him to be held accountable and that is where a strong interviewer like Maury would come into play. He is tough, hard-hitting, and never had soft episodes of his long-running talk show.

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People would expect him to give the same tough love to Kody that he has given to all of his guests. At this point, maybe a man would be better to interview Kody since he thinks he can win over the lady hosts. What are your thoughts? Would you like to see Maury come and take over for Sukanya? Do you think he would be able to get from Kody what fans want and deserve?

Let us know your thoughts and watch part two of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday, January 1st on TLC.

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