Robyn & Kody Brown’s Shocking Connection To ‘SW’ Producer

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Robyn and Kody Brown are quite connected to their Sister Wives producer. This would make sense if fans actually thought about it. There have been questions about why filming rarely, if ever, occurs in Robyn’s home. More so, the show is far different than it once was as in viewers have noted Kody’s abusive nature toward his other wives and kids. He was always harsh but it seems to have gotten much worse over the past handful of seasons. The things that he seems to get away with, that Robyn can get away with are on another level. They must have connections to someone on the show, right? Read on for more details.

Robyn & Kody Brown’s Shocking Connection To SW Producer

There has been a lot of self-production since the pandemic started. However, there are still producers involved in the creation of the show. This season has been one of the hardest to watch for many fans. Kody has been harsh, narcissistic, and his kids don’t even want to deal with him. Furthermore, he wants his remaining wives to be as loyal and obedient as Robyn. This is where he is getting himself in trouble because they cannot change themselves to fit a mold.

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So, why is this deplorable behavior allowed to be filmed with no disciplinary action? As it turns out, Kody and Robyn live right next door to a Sister Wives producer. According to @withoutacrystalball, producer Tim Gibbons lives within a one-minute drive from Kody and his fourth wife. That is around 400 feet, per her estimation. Apparently, Tim bought his home in July 2019 then Kody and Robyn closed on their home just one month later.

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So, what did fans have to say about this threesome being too close for comfort? Moreover, is Kody getting treated better in terms of edits because of the friendship? “If this is “favorable” how bad are they in real life?” one asked. Another added: “Special editing and he still looks like a total tool. Tells you everything you need to know.” Finally, one follower noted: “I had a feeling. I wonder how much truth is on “the cutting room floor”??!!!”

Desperate For A Home

Robyn really did not want to buy a home. She wanted to keep on renting but Kody Brown was desperate to buy. He has even been pushing his second wife, Janelle to buy but she wants to build on their lots already. Yet, he maintains that there is not enough money in the family fund just yet. Regardless, if he and the producer are that close, this could be the reason why he pushed Robyn so hard to buy this home back in 2019. He loves his “bro time” so he may have been eager to look better on screen. Sadly, it really is not working for him, no matter what they do.

Are you shocked that Kody and Robyn live next door to a show producer? Is that an unfair advantage? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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