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Kody Brown Loses Control, Says Robyn’s House Is His Only Home?

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In a new sneak peek of the upcoming episode of Sister Wives, the family continues to fall apart. COVID has messed things up tremendously for the family to the point Gabriel Brown also thinks so. Janelle is all about her kids and it seems to Kody that he has no say in what they do anymore. Now, does he really think Robyn Brown’s house is his only home? Keep reading to get the scoop.

Does Kody Brown really think Robyn’s house is his only home?

US Weekly shared the latest sneak peek of the January 16 episode of Sister Wives. The preview shows that tension continues to build between Kody Brown and Janelle. He’s previously said that she “vomits bs” and he thinks he doesn’t have much of a say when it comes to his children with her.

Kody technically brought all this on himself with his strict COVID protocols and rules. He rarely sees Janelle and the kids and when he does he’s been remaining outside. This episode shows Kody and his son Gabriel talking about the rules that Kody wants them to follow.

Kody Robyn Brown

Gabriel refuses to completely follow the rules because he will not stop seeing his girlfriend. Kody voiced that he hasn’t put his foot down with Gabriel because he feels like Janelle’s house is not his home.

He went on to say that he spends most of his time at Robyn’s house. Kody said, “The irony of this situation, which is not good for relationships, is that Robyn’s house, as I have been there more, has made me feel like that’s my house and my rules and my family.” He continued saying during a confessional, “It makes me mad at myself all these years that I haven’t been, what I would call, more patriarchal. More in charge.”

Of course, the other wives feel that Kody really wants to be with Robyn more anyway.

Kody Brown and Gabriel Brown via YouTube
Kody Brown and Gabriel Brown

Gabriel isn’t budging

Kody talked to Gabriel and basically gave him an ultimatum. He said he won’t be coming around if Gabriel still insists on seeing his girlfriend. He voices that they don’t know where she has been and she could bring COVID home to the family.

Janelle has already said that Gabriel can see Peyton. In fact, she said she really likes her and Gabriel seems very happy. Janelle also noted that Peyton may be staying with them during the Christmas break because they think it will be safer. Janelle even noted that Kody’s rules are tearing the family apart. She said, “This has all been very hard for them that he’s all of a sudden being dictatorial about his rules.”

Fans won’t want to miss this dramatic episode of Sister Wives. 


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  1. Let him stay with Robin. She’s clingy, and she’s easy to push around…in other words, she’s exactly what Kody wants in a wife!
    But, if Kody thinks that he should have been more “patriarchal and in charge”, he needs to consider that he also should have been more supportive as a father, and as a husband. From all appearances, his wives – with the obvious exception of Robin – have always been expected to be the sources of financial support for their families. It’s too bad that nobody informed Kody that a financially independent woman is unlikely to be subservient to a man whose own financial accumen is highly questionable, at best.

  2. Kody is such a loser. He can’t take care of one woman let alone four plus lots and lots of kids. Rent a home, move out; buy a home, can’t afford it and moved out. What an insecure way to live. Loser, loser, loser.

  3. Oh please COVID is just an excuse for him to live with Robin all the time. The family is falling apart because they all know he just wants Robin and has since he met her. They all knew it then but I guess we’re hoping it wasn’t so. I believe her house is the only one that he owns with her and calls her kids their kids. He has been pushing the others away since he met Robin. It’s been so obvious how he looks at her and always has

  4. Everyone knows the Robin is the only one he wants to be with anyways. Covid is just an excuse for him to do just that. She’s been his favorite since he met her and the others have all known it since then but I guess they just didn’t want to believe it. I believe Robin is the only one that he owns a home with any calls her kids their kids. He has been slowly pushing the other wives away for a long time now. Why anyone still watches his show is beyond me

  5. Thing is its Kody’s mindless and senseless cockamaymee ideas that has gotten them all
    where they are right now. In my world we call people like him morons and nobody of any sense around me would never listen to any of his haibrained sceams. Michael Keaton played a character in a movie called night shift with Henry Winkler. Keaton plays an idea guy. but his ideas are so ridiculous they would never work…except the one where they were pimping hooked out of the morgue at night. Kody is that character….to a tee.

  6. I can’t get over how Kody is always saying His and Robin’s kids but when it comes to Janelle and Christine’s it’s their kids , he never saids his and Christine kids or his and Janelle kids. That is just wrong. I feel sorry for Janelle and Christine’s kids cause they ALL deserve a father to loves and would do everything he could for each one . Not just Robin’s

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