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When Fans Can’t Hate Kody Brown More He Says ‘Hold My Beer’

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Fans that caught the latest Sister Wives episode saw a new side of Janelle and Kody Brown’s relationship. Kody just wants loyal wives, while Janelle blasts her husband for sounding like a broken record. Janelle has always been the calm wife, but Kody’s demands and bad behavior are about to send her over the edge.

And she’s not the only one feeling this way. Sister Wives fans have absolutely had enough and can’t believe Kody keeps getting worse with each passing episode.

Sister Wives fans can’t stand Kody Brown

Kody Brown definitely isn’t a popular Sister Wives figure. In fact, most fans don’t care for him at all. In the beginning, he appeared as a quirky dad with a big family. But over time, fans began to completely detest him. Social media always lights up with complaints about the family patriarch after a new episode comes out.

Kody Brown and Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Sister Wives/TLC

“Spoiler: Just when I think I can’t hate Kody anymore,” the original Redditor wrote. They went on to share a lengthy rant about all the obnoxious and terrible things Kody has done over the years. They started by saying they were intrigued by the Brown family’s dynamic when Sister Wives first began. But over the years, Kody showed his true colors and the OP completely soured on him.

“The more Kody opens his mouth, he just shows what an ass he is and how he was getting good edits. Which makes me wonder why that stopped. After every episode I find myself saying the same thing. Then he says or does something that tops previous actions. Also I’m so tired of looking at his poor ass perm,” they continued.

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Kody Brown/TLC

The OP also mentioned specific incidents from the December 4 episode that bothered them. The highlighted issues included:

  • Kody ignoring Truely’s feelings about sleeping over at Robyn’s house
  • Gabriel breaking down in tears over Kody forgetting his birthday
  • Kody getting angry about Janelle’s independent streak
  • Kody’s demands to have “100% loyalty” from his wives
  • Kody claiming to be “heartbroken” over Christine’s departure

The post doesn’t have many comments yet, but most Sister Wives fans would readily agree with their points. Do you agree that Kody Brown seems worse this season? Leave your ideas in the comments.

Fans really felt for Gabriel this week

Many Sister Wives viewers weren’t at all happy about the way Kody handled Gabriel’s birthday. Fans know that there’s a lot of bad blood between them at the moment, but they felt heartbroken when Gabriel began to cry onscreen.

“My God as a mama, I just want to hug Gabe,” one Reddit user posted online. “I have a son that age who never cries but the one time I saw him sob like Gabe did because of how awful his boss treated him broke my heart and at the same time angered me so much that I supported him quitting without notice. Boys don’t cry like that unless deeply hurt.”

Stay tuned for more Sister Wives news. There will be another episode out this week at 10 PM eastern time on TLC.

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  1. Tell TLC to cancel the show! I quit watching it because of the she devil Robyn and NARCISISTIC, HEARTLESS, Cody! Patriarch my a*s! He just needs attention ALL the time! Materialistic, GREEDY, egotistical scum bag!!
    Love you Janelle and Christine!

    1. Robin came in and stole their husband systematically and rips the entire family apart. And turned Kody into a Tasmanian devil! She must be working voodoo on him. Lol so sad!

  2. ANY show on TLC sucks big time….all scripted BS and totally disgusting. They should change the title to “Cody and his BS”

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