Vanna White Shows Off Wild Side On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’

Vanna White [CBS Mornings | YouTube]

Vanna White distracted fans with her wild dress. The Wheel of Fortune co-host wore an animal print dress that distracted fans during the broadcast. Keep on reading to learn more.

Vanna White goes to the wild side

Earlier this week, Vanna White shocked fans when she wore tight pants with a baby blue sweater. In the latest broadcast of Wheel of Fortune, she wore an animal print dress that featured leather on the sleeves and on the hemline. It’s certainly the wildest look she’s ever worn on the show.

Vanna White Wears Holiday Evening Gown [Wheel of Fortune | YouTube]
[Wheel of Fortune | YouTube]
She’s worn many short sparkly dresses and evening gowns over the years, but this was a different look for her. Fans took to Twitter to talk about her dress. The bold new look distracted them. Some wanted to get their hands on it, while others couldn’t believe that Vanna White wore an animal print.

The dress was short that it hit the thigh. She finished off her look with black pumps and pantyhose. Vanna walked confidently and freely as she walked over to the puzzle board.

  • “I need Vanna’s dress!”
  • “Vanna never wears the same dress twice on Wheel of Fortune, so maybe she will give it to you.”
  • “Not one of Vanna’s nicer dresses.”
  • “What in the Sam Hill is Vanna wearing tonight?”

As you can see, not everyone liked her dress. Some thought it was a little too wild. Vanna has experimented with many looks over the course of her career. She just celebrated her 40th anniversary of the day she first appeared on the game show.

Vanna White & Pat Sajak [Wheel of Fortune | YouTube]
[Wheel of Fortune | YouTube]

Wheel of Fortune hostess wore thousands of dresses

Pat Sajak and Vanna White also film the celebrity version of their game show. During the break of a recent episode, someone asked Vanna how she gets ready for the show. She spends a long time in the fitting room deciding what to wear for each episode.

“Every fitting I do, which is typically once a week, or every other week, I must try on at least 50 dresses,” Vanna White explained. “And I’ve been doing that for 40 years.”

She shared that she’s tried on over 7,500 different dresses throughout the years. Vanna White joked that she was “exhausted” from all that work. While she has to return the dresses, but she gets to keep the jewelry and shoes. When she’s at home, she likes to be makeup-free in her pajamas.

What are your thoughts on Vanna White’s animal print dress? Do you like it? Or, do you like her evening gowns instead? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I love Vanna White. She always looks beautiful. When she retires I’ll definitely miss her. She is the Best

  2. I’ve been really disappointed with how many shows she’s wearing pants this season. I usually turn it off if she comes out in pants. I’ve been lusting for her for 40 years and that happened because of her sexy dresses showing off her perfect body. I wish she would stick to that wardrobe!

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