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Vanna White Encourages Pat Sajak To Get Tatted & Pierced?

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Vanna White encouraged Pat Sajak to get tatted and pierced. The wild moment took place during Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. The primetime program has some crazy moments, unlike the regular program that airs in the daytime. Host Pat shared that he wanted a “chest tattoo” and “nipple ring.”

On the latest broadcast of the game show, Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden talked about his hosting role on the reality series Ink Master. Pat took it one step further by joking about getting tatted and pierced. That’s when Vanna encouraged him to do it, with the studio audience egging him on.

Pat Sajak [YouTube]

Pat Sajak embraces his inner bad boy

Joel Madden talked about the other show, in which tattoo artists compete to win for their best ink designs. Pat Sajak was impressed with the show’s concept. The straight-laced television host joked that he was going to get a tattoo of Vanna White’s face on his chest. The camera panned over to Vanna, who was cracking up at the puzzle board.

Joel informed him that “it’s never too late.” Pat Sajak joked that it would “take attention away from my nipple ring.” All three celebrity contestants were in shock. Joel put his head down and laughed. He informed the game show host that the tattoo art “would actually compliment the nipple rings.”

Joel Madden [YouTube]
Even Vanna encouraged Pat Sajak to get a tattoo of her face. She clapped along and egged on the audience as she listened to his joke. Joel shared the clip of that moment on his Instagram page. Fans couldn’t stop buzzing about that moment and the episode, which included Jenifer Lewis and Francia Raisa.

  • “This is the best banter ever.”
  • “Dying.”
  • This is incredible 😂👏❤️ love you SO much.”
  • “This made me LOL.”
  • “You are awesome, Joel!”

Check out the wild moment in the clip from the Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Twitter account below.

The WoF host made wild comments before

This isn’t the first time that Pat Sajak has made wild comments. Earlier this month, he took to Twitter to share a bizarre post about meeting a fan. Pat claimed that his security team had “wrestled” the person to the ground. His apology had fans wondering if he was really joking.

“My apologies to the nice gentleman who wanted to say hello during my morning walk today,” Pat Sajak tweeted. “My security guys mistakenly thought I said, ‘Wrestle him to the ground!’ instead of, ‘Please let him through.’ Easy mistake. Again…sorry.”

Pat Sajak Tweets Apology [Pat Sajak | Twitter]
[Pat Sajak | Twitter]
Pat has a dry and sarcastic sense of humor that sometimes doesn’t translate online. Similarly, he made a joke about roughing up the Kardashians on the game show. What are your thoughts on Pat getting tatted and pierced? Sound off below in the comment section.

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