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Pat Sajak Grills Contestant About ‘Roughing Up’ Kardashians

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Pat Sajak grilled a contestant about “roughing up” the Kardashians. This took place during the latest episode of Wheel of Fortune. Once again, he made another player uncomfortable as he probed for more information. Read on to see what happened next.

A segment on Wheel of Fortune gets awkward

WoF host Pat Sajak had another awkward moment on the game show. This time, he asked player Nick a strange question about the Kardashians. Nick was speechless the moment when the 75-year-old television personality brought up the reality TV family. The computer technician from Anaheim, California revealed that he has a side hustle.

Pat Sajak [YouTube]
Pat Sajak joked that Nick has to “do some crowd control.” The contestant explained that he works “crowd control for a recent movie.” He comes across celebrities on almost a daily basis. Pat wanted to know if anyone has ever gotten out of line and if Nick would have to “rough” them up.

“I wasn’t — uh — above my paygrade,” Nick awkwardly responded.

Pat Sajak wasn’t satisfied with his response. He wanted more details on Nick’s job. That’s when the game show host brought up the Kardashian family. He wanted to know if Nick ever had to fight with the famous family.

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“You wouldn’t have like, thrown a Kardashian to the ground?” he pressed.

“No, no,” Nick said.

He never wants his job to get to the point where he harms anyone. Pat Sajak laughed to himself as he came up with a wild “spin-off” idea: “It’s nice to have you here. That could be a series!” The studio audience just awkwardly laughed along. Thankfully, the host carried on with the rest of the game show.

Pat Sajak pokes fun at the player’s wrong answer

Wheel of Fortune fans wasn’t happy with Pat Sajak in the last episode. He mocked another contestant for their wrong answer. During Tuesday’s episode, a player named Ashwin was roasted over his glaring wrong answer. The professor from Georgia made it through to the bonus round and chose the “Person” category.

Seven letters were missing from the dazzling new puzzle board. Ashwin had 10 seconds to correctly guess the two-word phrase. He guessed: “Mechanical expert, principal expert, whimsical expert…” until the clock ran out of time. Pat Sajak chided him and said: “We were thinking money here — ‘Financial expert.'”

Ashwin & Pat [YouTube]
“Well, you disappointed your financial expert,” Pat continued. “Let’s see what you didn’t get.”

He opened the gold bonus envelope to reveal an Infinity SUV. However, Ashwin was still happy with his $23,000 in winnings. Some fans didn’t like Pat Sajak’s comments, while others called it the “Epic Fail Of This Season.” What are your thoughts on Pat’s latest remarks? Sound off below in the comment section.

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