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‘Wheel Of Fortune’: Pat Sajak Gets Weird With Socks

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Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak overshared on a recent episode of the game show and left one of his players feeling a bit uncomfortable. Turns out, the game show host likes to get a bit weird with socks, and a Wheel of Fortune player wasn’t exactly sure what to do with this overshare of information.

Wheel of Fortune: Pat Sajak gets weird with socks

On Monday’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, things got a little weird during an interview between Pat Sajak and a plater named Shon. Shon revealed that he had been married for five years and they recently welcomed their first child into the world. Pat Sajak proceeded to ask for some details on the player’s comic collection. Shon admitted that he stopped counting after 10,000 comics. So, he really had no idea exactly how many comics he owned.

Probing for more information, Pat Sajak asked the contestant what exactly he does with so many comic books. Shon fessed up that among other things, he really just enjoyed the way comic books smell.

The contestant explained: “Old comic books have a certain smell that you just have to appreciate.”

Turns out, this weird desire to sniff a personal item was something Pat Sajak could relate to. The Wheel of Fortune host proceeded to overshare that he also had a personal item he enjoyed sniffing. Pat Sajak laughed a bit before responding that he had a sock collection that he was particularly fond of sniffing. So, while he didn’t share a passion for comics, he understood where the player was coming from.

Silence washed over the audience. It was clear by Shon’s face that he was uncomfortable with the path the conversation took as he laughed a bit nervously in response.

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On social media, Wheel of Fortune fans were not willing to overlook the fact that Pat Sajak not only admitted to having a sock collection but he admitted to enjoying sniffing it.

Reading the room, Pat Sajak tried to push the conversation back to focus on Shon. Pat jokingly pushed for information on how Shon’s wife felt about his comic book collection.

Pat said before the uncomfortable moment ended: “Does your wife approve of this? I didn’t mean to start trouble, let’s move on.”

Wheel Of Fortune fans aren’t sure about this overshare

In response to this awkward moment, some viewers wanted to know if Pat Sajak really just admitted that he spends time sniffing his own socks.

Did you catch this weird moment on Wheel of Fortune? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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