Pat Sajak Asks Vanna White About ‘Battery-Operated’ Dress

Vanna White & Pat Sajak Monologue [Wheel of Fortune | YouTube]

Pat Sajak asked Vanna White about her “battery-operated” dress. The Wheel of Fortune host made another strange comment about his hostess during a recent broadcast. Vanna was feeling the holiday spirit, so she slipped into a sparkly dress. For some reason, the design made Pat think that it lights up like a Christmas tree. However, his delivery was awkward. Keep reading to learn more.

Wheel of Fortune fans disgusted with Pat Sajak

Earlier this year, Wheel of Fortune fans made it clear they were disgusted with Pat Sajak. They slammed him for asking an “inappropriate” question to his co-host. Vanna does most of the letter-turning throughout the show. However, the two have a chat at the end of the game, after a contestant wins.

Back in April, a professional opera singer wowed fans. Pat Sajak and Vanna took part in their usual back-and-forth conversation. He asked his co-host if she was into opera. She admitted that she enjoys it even if she’s “not a buff.” Pat took that question further when he heard the word “buff.”

Vanna White & Pat Sajak Eat From Bowl [Wheel of Fortune | YouTube]
[Wheel of Fortune | YouTube]
“Have you ever watched opera in the buff?” Pat Sajak looked at Vanna and asked. “I’m just curious.”

The audience uncomfortably laughed during the segment. Vanna gracefully responded with a “No” and a forced laugh. WoF viewers took to Twitter during that episode to share their thoughts. Most of them were creeped out by the 75-year-old host.

  • “Shame on Pat for asking Vanna if she had watched opera in the buff!!!!”
  • “Someone please replace this man.”
  • “[Pat Sajak] is absolutely inappropriate asking [Vanna] if she’s watched opera naked? Are you serious? Gross.”
  • “I felt that Pat crossed the line when he asked her if she had watched a particular TV show in the buff. That was inappropriate, not his business, and creates an uncomfortable work relationship and also not good for viewers.”

Pat Sajak never addressed the controversy. However, he has addressed his haters on his own Twitter page. The game show host continues to make headlines for his comments and behavior. Some fans even called for his firing this year.

Vanna White & Pat Sajak [ARG Music Company | YouTube]
[ARG Music Company | YouTube]

Mentions Vanna White’s sparkly dress

Wheel of Fortune is feeling the holiday spirit and so is Vanna White. She wore a glittery silver dress during Tuesday’s episode. Vanna paired the look with silver chandelier earrings. At the end of the broadcast, Pat Sajak asked her about her sparkly dress.

He wanted to know if it was battery-operated. “Does that dress run by battery or do you plug it in?” he asked. Vanna looked uncomfortable once again. She looked down at her dress and nervously said, “You would think, huh? Yep!”

Vanna White Dazzles Pat Sajak In Silver Dress [ARG Music Company | YouTube]
[ARG Music Company | YouTube]
Pat couldn’t stop looking at the hostess. He looked up and down at her as he said, “I know it’s very – very sparkly.” Then, he added, “It’s very nice” as Vanna helped him find the right word for it. Pat then cracked a joke about how they “get a little jaded” because of “all the money we give away.”

What are your thoughts on Pat Sajak asking Vanna White about her battery-operated dress? Do you think he’s creepy? Or, do you think they’re just good friends? Sound off below in the comment section.

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