Is Janelle Brown Embracing Dating Scene Amid Kody Split?

Janelle Brown - Kody Brown - Youtube

Sister Wives fans are itching to know what single life looks like for Janelle Brown and if she’s interested in dating. Is she going to find a man that can love and cherish her the way Kody never did? Does she want to find a new husband? What does her future love life look like?

When the same question was asked of Christine Brown, Janelle did share her thoughts on it. Turns out, Janelle loved the idea of Christine jumping into the dating scene. She hated the way Kody treated her. And, she knew Christine just wanted love and affection. Janelle Brown’s biggest concern with Christine’s dating was whether or not her new man would be kind and friendly toward Janelle.

Now, the tables have turned and Janelle Brown has dating as an option. But, does she want to find a new man? Fortunately, a source close to the TLC personality reached out to InTouch Weekly and answered this question.

Kody Brown - janelle Brown - Youtube
Kody – Janelle – Youtube

Is Janelle Brown dating after splitting from Kody?

Speaking to InTouch Weekly, a source close to Janelle admits that the TLC personality just isn’t ready to dive into the dating pool right now. Presently, she’s focusing on herself and embracing being a single woman. While fans definitely want Janelle to find someone to be with that treats her better than Kody ever did, they also understand wanting to enjoy being single after being married to the same man for three decades.

The individual clarifies that for the moment Janelle Brown is “not thinking about or interested in dating.” Instead, she’s decided to spend her newly single time focusing on herself and her children. For the moment, she’s adjusting to being single after being married for three decades.

Fans suspect she will eventually start dating

Considering the level of excitement she had around the idea of Christine Brown dating someone new, fans suspect Janelle will eventually start dating. Especially since it was Janelle who brought up that despite Christine Brown being 50, no one wants to spend their life alone. So, wanting to find someone new to be with is completely understandable.

Reportedly, the same thought process cannot be said for Kody Brown as he is allegedly already looking for new wives to replace Janelle, Christine, and Meri. Fans admit they are baffled as to why Kody thinks any woman would want to be with him after seeing his behavior and treatment of women on television.

Sister Wives - janelle brown - Youtube
Sister Wives – Janelle – Youtube

Do you think Janelle Brown will eventually be ready to date? Share your thoughts down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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