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Janelle Brown Drops Huge Pounds After Dumping Kody

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Sister Wives fans are in agreement that freedom looks incredible on Janelle Brown as she slayed in her Christmas photos with a very pregnant Maddie Brush and her family. As fans know, Janelle has shed nearly 100 pounds (300 if you count the 200-pound ex-husband). Overall, fans pointed out that Janelle may need to do some shopping for a new wardrobe as her baggy clothes are swallowing up her seriously slimmed-down frame.

Janelle Brown drops 100 pounds, swallowed in baggy Christmas sweater

As TvShowsAce has reported a few different times, ditching Kody Brown seems to have done wonders for both Janelle and Christine as they both only seem to be getting more attractive as time passes. Christine, who has had the most time to embrace being single, is oozing sex appeal by posting photos of herself in seriously short bottoms and snug leather leggings.

Janelle Brown has also been on a weight loss journey for a period of time. With the truth about her relationship with Kody finally coming to an end being out, fans can only assume the end of her relationship was the beginning of her weight loss journey.

Both Janelle and Christine have been taking the same MLM weight loss product for a while. Maddie Brush actually turned both Janelle and Christine onto the product as she started taking it first. Regardless of how Kody Brown’s ex-wives have managed to shed the pounds, fans are here for seeing these women get revenge bodies and show Kody what he’s missing out on.

Christine and Janelle Brown from Instagram, Sister Wives

Maddie Brush showcases Janelle’s weight loss

Maddie Brush and her husband Caleb unintentionally shined a bright spotlight on how incredible Janelle Brown was looking after dropping 100 pounds and her toxic husband. Maddie shared a Christmas photo featuring herself, her husband Caleb, her two children, her very pregnant baby bump, her sister Savanah Brown, and Janelle Brown.

Fans were pretty quick to notice that the sweater must’ve been something Janelle purchased prior to dropping the weight because her thinner frame appeared to be drowning in the oversized article of clothing. Here’s what fans had to say about the photo:

  • “Janelle, freedom looks Good on you. Happy Hoilday to you and your Family…..”
  • “Janelle you look fabulous such a beauty Queen!!!”
Janelle Brown Shares Before and After Pictures Of Her Weightloss
Credit: Janelle Brown | Instagram

Changing the subject, a few fans pointed out they hadn’t seen Caleb without a hat on his head since his wedding.

She’s already said she would get a new husband

During an interview about Christine, Janelle Brown more or less admitted that if she was ever in Christine’s position she would be dating to find a new husband. Janelle explained that even being a woman in her 50s, no one really wants to spend their life alone. So, she hoped Christine did find a new husband to love her. Janelle Brown’s biggest concern was whether Christine’s new husband would like her.


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Do you agree Janelle Brown has lost some serious weight since kicking Kody to the curb? Let us know in the comments down below.

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