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‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Wants New Husband Eventually?

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In probing for information about what Christine’s life will look like beyond Kody, Janelle Brown may have also slipped up and revealed some of her own desires. US Weekly just dropped a new exclusive for this week’s episode of Sister Wives. The exclusive features Janelle Brown sitting down for a conversation with Christine. Janelle Brown admits she’s feeling a bit bold, so she decides to ask Christine if she plans to get married. Sister Wives fans, however, believe Janelle Brown actually revealed some of her own desires in the way she asked the question.

Janelle Brown justifies asking about a new husband

Janelle Brown tells the cameras she’s decided to be bold and just ask Christine if she plans to re-marry. After getting clarification that Janelle isn’t referring to Kody, Christine decides she’s happy to answer the question. For the most part, Christine shrugs the question admitting she’s definitely open to getting married again.

Talking to the cameras, Janelle Brown opens up a bit more about why she asked Christine about getting a husband. Janelle Brown explained that Christine was only in her 50s. She was healthy and in the prime of her life. She noted that Christine shouldn’t spend the second half of her life alone. She needed to find someone to be happy with.

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Sister Wives fans couldn’t help but wonder if Janelle might’ve been projecting her own feelings when she asked Christine if she wanted a new husband. Many fans believe Janelle has been dropping hints she’s already left Kody in the last few episodes of the show. Likewise, fans are pretty convinced Janelle’s social media activity confirms she’s no longer with Kody. Furthermore, fans believe Gwendlyn Brown all but confirmed Janelle and Kody were no longer together. Likewise, Gwen also put emphasis on Robyn being Kody’s WIFE when she discussed the seating at Logan’s wedding.

Sister Wives fans admit they LOVED Janelle being nosey enough to ask if Christine would marry someone new. Fans also thought it was adorable that Janelle was hopeful she would like whatever man wins Christine’s heart next. Sister Wives fans also admit they absolutely adore listening to casual girl chatter between Janelle and Christine. And, they hope there is a lot more girl talk to come in the show.

Janelle and Christine/IG

Do you think Janelle Brown thinks about ditching Kody for a new man? Is she a bit jealous picturing Christine with a new man? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives.

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  1. I’m Ecstatic that she has finally left him. She’s too good for him so is Christine. Mary and Sobbiin Robyn deserve kootie!!!!
    He was never good looking, but he really is ugly now. Ugly inside ugly outside.

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