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‘Sister Wives’ Is Christine Brown Dating Now?

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Sister Wives fans learned Christine Brown is single and ready to mingle, but they wonder if she’s actively dating right now. Has the TLC personality dipped her toes into the dating pool? Has she created an account on dating websites? Is she hitting the club as a single lady? Sadly, fans are going to have to pump the breaks on their desire to see Christine Brown cozied up to anyone that isn’t Kody Brown. Why? Well, because of her daughter Truely.

Sister Wives Christine Brown And Truely
Sister Wives Christine Brown And Truely

Is Christine Brown actively dating?

Christine Brown’s eyes seemed to light up as she spoke to People Magazine about dating. She even got particularly giddy as she thought about the idea of being intimate with someone. As fans know, Christine had made it clear Kody hadn’t been intimate with her in a while. And, it was something she desperately needed in her life. Ultimately, however, Christine said it was the lack of trust and communication that broke her relationship with Kody. And, she hopes she won’t repeat the same mistakes.

Christine Brown reveals she plans to find a man that is honest and kind. She plans to find someone she’s chemically attracted to. She wants someone fun and someone she can trust. Fans were here for the subtle shade Christine tossed at her husband throughout the entire interview.

None of this information, however, answers the big question. Is she actively dating?

Christine Brown from Instagram

Truely Brown shuts down plans to date

Turns out, Truely Brown just isn’t comfortable with her mother dating someone right now. Christine explained she sat down with Truely to get her thoughts on dating. Truely admitted to her mother that she’s enjoying life the way it is right now. She likes being alone with her mother and doing all sorts of fun things together. Truely Brown worries about how things might change or become less fun if her mother starts dating. So, for now, Truely wants her mother to just focus on her and not worry about dating.

Christine Brown was noticeably bummed as she shared this information. She, however, was ready to respect her daughter’s wishes. So, she would wait for fate to tell her it was alright to start dating.

Are you bummed Christine Brown hasn’t actually started dating? Do you think she’ll have to wait for Truely to turn 18? Let us know in the comments.

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