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Tyler Cameron Fuels Dating Rumors On NYE

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Tyler Cameron was spending time with one particular lady on New Year’s Eve. This fueled rumors that he might be in a relationship. However, the person he was hanging out with might not come as that big of a surprise to fans. Tyler Cameron made his debut in Bachelor Nation during Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. He was one of the last men standing but ultimately didn’t win. Since then he’s been a hot commodity and nobody has been able to tie him down for long.

Tyler Cameron has had a few relationships since Hannah. None of them have been long-lasting, but they have been very high profile. Among the women confirmed and rumored for him to have dated were supermodel, Gigi Hadid, influencer, Camila Kendra, and model, Ireland Borba. Now he spent NYE with another famous lady. Read on to see who it was.

Tyler Cameron, Instagram
Tyler Cameron, Instagram

Who Did Tyler Cameron Spend New Year’s With

TikTok is always great at finding out what Bachelor Nation is up to. The account Mariah Kat drew attention to Jason Tartick’s Instagram stories which show Tyler Cameron and Kristin Cavallari sitting together and dancing together. There appeared to be a little PDA in the video. The Instagram account Bachelor Tea Spill also posted a video of the two of them together. In it, they are eating in Franklin, TN. It appears to be just the two of them. Zachary Reality also shared a TikTok with Tyler and Kristin.

It’s possible, they are just two single friends hanging out on New Year’s Eve. However, fans are going to jump to their own conclusions about the pair. Kristin has also dated several people since her divorce from Jay Cutler. Comedian, Jeff Dye, and singer, Chase Rice are just a couple of the men linked to her. Kristin herself said when she got serious with someone she’d let the whole world know.  Otherwise, she stated she wouldn’t comment on her love life.

The Possible Coupling Has Fans Torn

Fans aren’t sure if the two reality stars are together or just friends. One commented, “I mean we saw this coming after the first campaign shoot.” Another said, “I mean friends or friends with benefits they are both hot and fun and single.” In the past when questioned about her relationship with Tyler, Kristin said she loved him but they were just friends. When they were spotted out together one night, she said they just ran into each other.

On both Kristin and Katilyn Bristowe’s Instagram accounts, they only shared a picture with each other from last night. One fan on TikTok said, “Jason posted that? Kristin isn’t going to want to hang with them anymore.” Fans in the comments argued that the two only hugged and danced together. Just because they were friendly doesn’t mean that they are dating. What do you think? Do you think the two are just friends who like to hang out together? Read more about the last time they were rumored to be together here. Comment with your thoughts below.

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