Behind Kristin Cavallari & Tyler Cameron’s Hot Kiss & Marriage?

Kristin Cavallari - a woman with blonde hair - and Tyler Cameron - a shirtless man with brown hair

Behind Kristin Cavallari and Tyler Cameron’s hot kiss and marriage. Keep reading to find out what has Bachelor Nation fans talking.

Rumors of reality star royalty’s romance

Back in April, photos surfaced online of Tyler Cameron and Kristin Cavallari caught in a hot makeout session. Rumors spread fast and furious that the two reality star royalty were dating.

Tyler Cameron famously vyed for love on ABC’s The Bachelorette. Kristin Cavallari was part of the early 2000s MTV reality TV boom, starring on Laguna Beach alongside Lauren Conrad.

Subsequently, Cavallari harnessed her reality TV fame into her own show for the E! network. Very Cavallari also featured the demise of her marriage to NFL player Jay Cutler.

It’s a small reality TV world after all – Cutler was recently linked to a former Bachelor contestant.

Cavallari and Cameron are bound to rekindle dating rumors again with another steamy makeout session.

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Tyler Cameron/Credit: Tyler Cameron Instagram

Tyler Cameron & Kristin Cavallari’s hot kiss & marriage

After the first photos surfaced of Tyler and Kristin, they were quick to put the media storm to rest. The pair were filming an advertisement for Cavallari’s Uncommon James brand.

In the new clip, their chemistry is on full display once again. The new ad campaign follows the fictional couple’s meet-cute all the way through to their wedding.

The brand’s official Instagram leaned into the rumors by captioning  the clip, “Second time’s a charm.” This is a reference to Kristin’s previous marriage to Jay Cutler.

Fans of the reality stars flooded the brand’s comment section with reactions to the steamy kiss.

  • Wowza!
  • This. Is. Fire!!!!!!
  • HOT HOT HOT!!!
  • Are these two dating ?! Cuz this is some serious 🔥 chemistry !
Well, are they? See what Kristin says.

Did Kristin hook up with Bachelor Nation star for clout?

Tyler Cameron and Kristin Cavallari may have some smokin’ hot chemistry,  but it’s just for the cameras. They’ve both denied anything romantic is going on, citing a professional relationship.

Us Weekly notes that the Laguna Beach alum copped to using Cameron’s fame to help launch her Uncommon James brand. The outlet reports that she said during a podcast appearance that she “hired the guy to get press.”

It seemed to have worked. Many Bachelor Nation fans vowed to purchase from the brand after the latest steamy ad campaign. Watch the clip below.

Do you think there’s a chance Tyler Cameron and Kristin Cavallari could go from a professional relationship to dating? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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