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Tyler Cameron, Kristin Cavallari Kissing, What’s Going On?

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Could there be a new romance brewing? Bachelorette alum Tyler Cameron was caught kissing Kristin Cavallari during a photo shoot earlier. What is going on between these two? Keep reading to find out what is known.

Is there a romance brewing between Tyler Cameron and Kristin Cavallari?

TMZ was the first to share photos of Tyler Cameron and Kristin Cavallari making out during a photoshoot together. Here is what is known so far. Tyler was asked by Kristin to be a part of this photoshoot last month after the two were on a talk show together.

The photoshoot was a campaign for Kristin’s Uncommon James line in Joshua Tree on Monday.

Last month, Tyler appeared on Daily Pop with guest host Loni Love, whom he danced with on The Real Dirty Dancing. Loni’s other guest host was Kristin Cavallari. Fate? Well, Loni did her best to try and tell Tyler that Kristin was the full package and has everything he’s looking for.

Loni said, “Who do you have your sights set on now?” She then turned to Kristin and added, “Could it be that one right there?”

She went on, “Someone that, one, is hungry and ambitious, but two, someone who’s very family-oriented.” Tyler said, “That’s big for me.” Loni added, “And three, someone just ready for an adventure.”

During his time on the show, Tyler even did some dirty dancing and pulled Kristin into the mix.

Is she ready to date?

Kristin split from Jay Cutler in 2020. Since then she has dated a little but nothing serious has come out of it. This week, she shared on Instagram that she is finally ready to get back out there. She played coy when a fan asked if she was dating anyone. However, she said, “I’ve honestly needed the past two years to work through some heavy stuff. I dated a little here and there but no one serious. I am finally in a place where I’m ready for a relationship.”

Kristin also said, “And yes, I realize that didn’t really answer that question… let’s just say this: When you are able to finally fully close a chapter, it’s amazing what you will start to attract.”

Could that someone be Tyler Cameron whom she’s ready to start a relationship with? Was that kiss just part of the photoshoot or something more than friends?

What do you think? Stay tuned for more updates on this potentially developing couple.


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