Lace Morris Soft Launched New Man For New Years

Lace Morris, Instagram

Lace Morris of BachelorĀ in Paradise soft-launched her new relationship for the holidays. It’s been several months since the last season of Bachelor in Paradise wrapped filming. This year was the second time Lace went to the beach looking for love. During the last time, she was on the show, Lace got engaged to Grant Kemp. However, their relationship ended two months after their season aired.

This season of the show was the first featuring a twist separating the initial couples and tempting them with new singles. Fans felt bad for Lace who’d made a solid connection with Rodney Mathews. When Eliza Isichei showed up as one of the new singles, he decided to pursue a relationship with her. Heartbroken, Lace left the beach. It looks like with a new year on the horizon, she’s found a new love.

Lace Morris Posts A Soft Launch Of New Relationship

Lace Morris posted the story below to Instagram, letting fans know she’s moving on. The picture showed her wearing a tiger print and black halter dress kissing a bearded gentleman. The caption says, “soft launch.” The couple’s faces are purposely cut off hiding his identity. Lace wants people to know she’s in a relationship but she isn’t quite ready to share who it is with the whole world.

In another post to her story seen below, Lace features the man in a video with her. She leans in close and you can see her face but not his. Once again you can see his bearded face only. He’s wearing a plaid jacket. Lace wears a short black leather jacket and a huge smile as she puts her arm on the mystery man’s shoulder. She captioned the photo, “dibs.” The background music and noise indicate they’re in a bar or restaurant. Lace looks very happy and at ease with her new love.

Lace Morris, Instagram
Lace Morris, Instagram

Could It Be Someone From Bachelor Nation?

Mariah Kat on TikTok posted about Lace Morris’ soft launch saying, “I’m so happy for her. I wanted to see her find love.” One fan commented and said, “looks like Justin Glaze.” Another one said the guy’s smile looks like Clay Harbor’s smile. Another comment went in a different direction and said it looked like Bartise Bowden from Love is Blind. It’s possible Lace has found love with another reality star, or met someone outside of the industry. Everyone will have to wait to see who it could be.

Maybe there will be a hard launch on New Year’s Eve night! What do you think about Lace soft launching her relationship? Do you have any guesses who it might be? To read more about her time on Bachelor in Paradise, click here. Comment with your thoughts down below.

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