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Stacia Confirms Divorce From Nate, What Happened?

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Another Season 15 MAFS couple is officially over. Stacia confirmed that she and Nate are not together anymore and are divorced. They seemed to really want to make their marriage work. So, what happened? Keep reading to find out more.

MAFS couple Stacia and Nate are not together

The new season of Married at First Sight is kicking off and that included a special gearing up for the big premiere. Season 16 takes place in Nashville and there are five new couples ready to marry a complete stranger. However, before the wedding episode, Kevin Frazier spoke with a few of the Season 15 wives to get an update. The revelation was shocking to some.

Stacia Karcher confirmed that she and Nate Barnes are no longer a couple. She said, “Nate is no longer around. Yeah, I am divorced.” Stacia continued saying, “Yeah, It’s time [to move on]. Everything that he agreed to do on the show were all words. There was no action.”

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She continued her explanation saying, “I gave it time. I waited. I was patient. I lived with him to give him more time to let him know that I was committed. I still want to be friends. I have no ill will [toward] him. I always, like, I love him so.”

When asked by the host if there could possibly be a reconciliation Stacia said no. She said the love she feels for him is just a friendship love, there is nothing romantic. Kevin Frazier said,  “You closed that door?” Stacia replied, “Yeah, we don’t go back.”

Things that led up to their divorce

When the season first began, Stacia and Nate both appeared to be all in. They had great chemistry and had some very steamy moments together. Fans thought these two had a chance. As it turns out, they weren’t meant to be.

It was obvious when the Where Are They Now? episode aired that Stacia and Nate were dealing with some issues. She even revealed that she had asked him for a separation. Stacia wasn’t happy with how things were progressing with Nate. She wanted to move fast and get settled into a life where they could build a future and start a family. Nate was hesitant about all this including officially moving in with her. He didn’t want to give up his apartment.

All of these things led up to their divorce. Are you surprised they didn’t last?



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