Are ‘MAFS’ Nate & Stacia Still Together Present Day?

MAFS Nate and Stacia via YouTube

The reunion episode for Season 15 of MAFS aired and revealed which couples were together. Out of the five couples who were Married at First Sight, only two were still together at the reunion taping. Next week, fans will see the “Where Are They Now” episode. A big question is if the strongest couple of Season 15 is still together. That is Nate and Stacia. Keep reading to find out what is known about this San Diego couple.

Where do MAFS Nate and Stacia stand today?

MAFS San Diego couple Nate and Stacia have had their issues. However, out of all the couples they were also the ones who seemed to be working through their differences. They have attraction and chemistry with one another. In fact, there were some steamy scenes between them on the show.

At the reunion, it was revealed that they were still together and working through things. It was also revealed that Nate still had his own apartment in the city while Stacia had a place in the suburbs. They were reportedly spending a few weeks at each place.

It took a lot for Nate to open up to Stacia. However, he admitted he was finally saying I love you to her. Stacia for her part said she wanted Nate to be more consistent in their relationship.

MAFS Stacia and Nate via youTube 1

So, where does this couple stand today? According to MAFSfan on Instagram, Nate and Stacia are not together today. So far nobody knows what finally forced them to call it quits. The Instagram Page above feels like it has something to do with Nate’s insecurity.

Other couples on Season 15

Of course, there are other couples who didn’t make it during Season 15. In fact, most didn’t. The only two couples remaining married at the reunion were Miguel and Lindy and Nate and Stacia.

Above, it’s being shared that Nate and Stacia called it quits. What about Miguel and Lindy? According to MAFSfan Lindy and Miguel also decided to divorce sometime after the reunion episode aired. Many thought she was only with Miguel to give her benefits such as insurance.

Still of Miguel Santiago and Lindy Elloway at the 'MAFS' Season 15 Reunion.
Credit: Lifetime/YouTube

This means that there are no successful marriages to come from Season 15 San Diego MAFS. 

Time will tell if Season 16 Nashville couples have been properly paired and can make things work between them.

What do you think about Nate and Stacia calling it quits after the reunion episode?

Stay tuned for more updates and don’t miss Married at First Sight on Lifetime Wednesday nights.

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