Still of Miguel Santiago and Lindy Elloway from the 'MAFS' Season 15 Reunion.

‘MAFS’: Is Lindy Married To Miguel For The Right Reasons?

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Married at First Sight fans don’t have a lot of faith in Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago’s marriage. After the MAFS Season 15 Reunion on November 2, people took to Twitter to question Lindy’s motives for getting into the relationship. Many accused Lindy of being materialistic and opportunistic and said she only went down the aisle to secure financial advantages. They said things were clearly “not good” between Lindy and Miguel and blamed her for staying in the “dysfunctional relationship” for the wrong reasons. Keep reading to find out exactly what they said.

What’s Going On With Lindy & Miguel?

Lindy and Miguel are one of the San Diego couples that are still together. The pair moved into Miguel’s home, which Lindy is currently sprucing up while the two contemplate their future dream house. The spouses have big plans in store and want to buy a bigger home, one suitable for raising a family. They plan on having a baby one year after that. Clearly, they’ve thought things through and aren’t rushing into anything.

However, fans spotted a few red flags during Part 1 of the MAFS Season 15 Reunion. One thing that struck them as being off was Lindy still not having a job at this point.

Still of Miguel Santiago and Lindy Elloway at the 'MAFS' Season 15 Reunion.
Credit: Lifetime/YouTube

MAFS Fans Examine Lindy’s Motives For Staying In The Marriage

Fans didn’t mince words and called her out for using her husband purely for money and health insurance. “Lindy came on this show to get a man to give her a home and insurance and she’s still not trying to work,” tweeted one person. “I give them 6 months before Miguel [gets] tired of taking care of her lazy a**.”

Despite their past problems, both Lindy and Miguel are committed to making it work but people think she’s only putting in the effort for financial gain. “Of course Lindy is still married to Miguel..she fought all her life for that health insurance she’s not losing it now,” read a second tweet.

Still, Lindy wasn’t the only one criticized over Twitter. Fans had plenty to say about Miguel’s behavior, as well.

Still of Miguel Santiago and Lindy Elloway at the 'MAFS' Season 15 Reunion.
Credit: Lifetime/YouTube

Miguel Is Not Off The Hook Either

Miguel didn’t do himself any favors either. During the MAFS reunion, he brought up Lindy taking his last name, and fans were put off by his insistence.

Although Lindy did her best to convince host Kevin Frazier that she was happy — “I did get the man that I asked for, that’s for sure!” she said — people are sure the marriage is on the rocks. One fan claimed Miguel is “insufferably stressing Lindy out” and said things weren’t okay between them.

Another person said they were only still together “just because of how badly they want to be married” and that the relationship “won’t last.”

“Still not convinced Miguel wants Lindy – I predict a post-stipend breakup,” quipped a third fan.

People also pointed out their history of “emotional abuse.” One tweep proclaimed they were “shocked” Miguel and Lindy were still married given how much they had been fighting, adding that they expected them to “have broken up by the reunion.”

Do you agree with fans’ negative take on Lindy and Miguel’s marriage? Have you spotted any evidence to support their allegations? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Part 2 of the MAFS Season 15 Reunion will broadcast on Lifetime at 8 p.m. EST on November 9. Make sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for more news about the couples!


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