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‘MAFS’ Ryan Ignasiak Reveals Couples Who Are On Point

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There is one MAFS alum who has some thoughts about the current couples on Season 15. Some of the couples seem to have a good chance of making it work while others appear doomed. Keep reading to find out what Ryan Ignasiak has to say about which couples he feels are on point.

MAFS alum Ryan Ignasiak shares which couples are on point this season

People shared what MAFS alum Ryan Ignasiak had to say about the couples who are featured on Season 15. Ryan first appeared on Season 13 which was the Houston season. He married Brett Layton. However, their marriage ultimately didn’t work out and they are divorced.

Ryan has still remained involved with Married at First Sight. Whether he’s giving his opinion or even rumored to be dating someone, he is still around. As far as that rumor, he was said to be dating Alyssa Ellman. They know each other but apparently are not dating.

Alyssa and Ryan MAFS via YouTube
Alyssa and Ryan MAFS

Now, Ryan is giving his thoughts on the Season 15 couples. One of his favorites seems to be Miguel and Lindy. He said he loves how Miguel is sharing that Lindy is everything he has ever wanted in a partner.

Ryan said, “The depth and character that they both are requiring is there. I loved the ‘oasis in a desert’ reference, and I don’t think he’ll end up thirsty come Decision Day.”

While things are good between Lindy and Miguel they do have a few issues they need to work through. A big one is name changes and health insurance. However, Ryan thinks these newlyweds will be able to work through it and compromise. Ryan is now very invested in seeing how things play out between Lindy and Miguel.

MAFS Lindy and Miguel via YouTube
MAFS Lindy and Miguel via YouTube

Krysten and Mitch finally had the talk about her previous engagement. She found out that her soon-to-be husband was in another six-month relationship just before their wedding.  Mitch reassured her that he will never do that to her. Ryan felt this situation was handled perfectly by the MAFS couple. However, Ryan said, “She seems to be really trying to make it work solely because they’re married. Godspeed!”

Which other couples have a chance?

Ryan seems to also think that the troubles between Alexis and Justin will get worked out. He thinks that her family gave Justin the cheat codes to figure Alexis out. Ryan thinks they will be saying the big L word before too long once again.

Nate and Stacia seem to really be making an effort to get to know each other on a deeper level. Overall this will be good for them moving forward. Nate is working towards being more open with his new wife. Plus, Ryan likes how supportive their friends are.

MAFS Stacia and Nate via YouTube
MAFS Stacia and Nate via YouTube

The couple who seems to be having the most issues is Binh and Morgan. They can’t seem to get past the entire nurse title situation. Plus, Ryan thinks Morgan just wants Binh to be honest with his friends. Binh tries to smooth things over but Morgan isn’t quite ready to forgive. Will they make it to the end?

MAFS Morgan and Binh via YouTube 1

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