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‘SW’: Christine Brown ‘Amused’ By Kody’s Ramen Noodle Hair

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“Ramen noodle hair” is the affectionate pet name Sister Wives fans have given to the tresses on top of Christine Brown’s ex-husband Kody’s head. Reenacting scenes of the TLC series in video clips on TikTok, many fans have actually used ramen noodles on top of their head to represent Kody’s hair. Turns out all of Kody Brown’s ex-wives (and his wife Robyn) have opinions on his ramen noodle hair. Over the years, the mothers of Kody Brown’s children have considered his hair to be another cast member on the show. Some even joked his hair was his fifth wife.

Today.com caught up with Christine Brown recently and couldn’t resist getting her thoughts on Kody Brown’s ramen noodle head. What did Christine Brown have to say about her ex-husband’s hair? And, what has his other ex-wives (and Robyn) said? Keep reading for the details.

Kody Brown/YouTube

Christine Brown finds Kody’s ramen noodle hair amusing

Sister Wives star Christine Brown tells Today.com she isn’t really sure how fair it is for her to answer questions about Kody because she hasn’t been within spitting distance of him in a significant period of time. She, however, fesses up that observing Kody Brown’s hair over the years has been amusing for her.

Kody Brown/YouTube

Here’s what Christine Brown had to say about Kody’s ramen noodle hair: “Since I haven’t really been around him for several several years that much I don’t really know. He spends a lot of time on it, though. He does love his hair. Throughout the years, it’s been an amusing thing to watch.”

What have Meri, Janelle, and Robyn Brown had to say?

Kody Brown’s ramen noodle hair has been such a topic of conversation over the years, that TLC even made a compilation of his various hairstyles. Check out the video down below:

In the past, fans recall Kody Brown has opted to straighten or blow dry his hair. More recently, however, he has preferred to let his ramen noodle curls flow free. Occasionally he does pull them back into a ponytail to get them out of his face. Some fans have speculated the weird placement of some of the curls in the front of his hair is strategically placed there to hide a bald spot.

Robyn Brown once referred to Kody Brown’s hair as his fifth wife. And, Christine once admitted she preferred his long tresses over his buzzcut. Christine actually referred to his buzzcut as a “nightmare.”

The most colorful and entertaining comments made about Kody Brown’s ramen noodle hair, however, come directly from fans. Many fans agree Kody’s hair has been a journey over the years that no one asked to go on.

Toward the end of the clip above, Kody actually responded to the accusation of his hair being his fifth wife noting that his sports car was his actual fifth wife.

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