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Kody Brown FINALLY Answers Fans: Does He Want A Fifth Wife? 

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There’s been a lot of speculations and rumors surrounding Sister Wives star Kody Brown introducing a fifth wife into the mix. As we previously reported, there was confirmation in their Sister Wives book that Kody has attempted to court other women — including a teenager — that rejected him and broke his heart. There have even been rumors that Kody did get married and there was a secret fifth wife people didn’t really know about. Likewise, some have speculated Kody Brown might actually just be seeking out a replacement for Meri.

Unfortunately, these are just fan speculations and rumors at this point. Kody Brown, however, did clear the air recently. He revealed whether he’s even interested in finding a fifth wife. Wondering what he said? Does he have an interest in adding another wife to his family? Keep reading, we’ll clue you in on what he said.

Kody Brown has a new hustle, joins Cameo for some easy cash

The TLC father jumped on Cameo to make some easy cash recently. As we recently reported, two of his wives are on Cameo. And, they’ve collectively netted over $6,000. If Kody proves to be as popular as his wives, he’ll net the same as he’s charging twice as much as Janelle and Christine.

During his Cameo introduction video, Kody talked a bit about some of the stuff he was willing to do. Turns out, he’s open to just about any type of video. He, however, clarified some feelings about anything related to a fifth wife. Kody Brown reveals he isn’t interested in discussing anything to do with a fifth wife. So, he’ll shut down any fifth wife proposals. So, this clears up whether Kody Brown is interested in a fifth wife. Turns out, he’s not.

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Four wives are plenty for this TLC star

There is a lot of speculation Kody Brown only really spends time with Robyn. Fans speculate the only time his family spends together as a whole is when cameras are rolling. Likewise, fans believe his relationship with Meri is over. Furthermore, Kody Brown made it seem like he was done with his current lifestyle during the latest season of Sister Wives. He painted the picture of a broken family that was falling apart.

Do you think Kody Brown gets many proposals for a fifth wife? Are you surprised he shuts these proposals down? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Kody Brown.

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