‘SW’ Fans Aren’t Buying What Kody Brown Tried To Sell

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

For quite some time, Sister Wives fans have thought that Kody Brown doesn’t tell the complete truth. It’s not always clear if he’s intentionally lying or if his point of view is just very obscured. Either way, many fans agree they should take what he says with a grain of salt.

During the tell-all, Kody Brown tried to sell some pretty tall tales. But there’s one in particular that fans just don’t believe.

Kody Brown insists Christine sabotaged his relationship with Meri

During the first episode of the Season 17 tell-all, Kody revealed that he was considering reconciling with Meri. However, he claimed his plans changed after Christine threw a fit. The story sounded a little out of character for Christine, leading fans to discuss the issue online.

“Does anyone actually believe that Christine ‘lost her s**t?'” a Redditor asked others on the platform recently. “This whole claim that RamenHead is making about how Christine ‘lost her s**t’ at the mention of he and Meri reconciling, just doesn’t sit right with me. Thoughts??”

Of course, not many fans believed Kody here.

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Kody Brown/TLC

“I don’t believe it. I can maybe see Christine being sad that Kody was willing to work on his relationship with Meri but not his relationship with her. But I don’t believe she would ‘lose her shit’ and tell Kody not to reconcile with Meri,” another user pointed out. “My theory is that Meri has now seen/heard the things Kody has said about his relationship with her (not considering himself married to her, not caring if she gets remarried, etc) making her not solidly ‘Team Kody’ anymore, and so Kody is saying this to prevent Meri from moving to ‘Team Christine.'”

Since Janelle and Christine are so close, Kody definitely would be invested in keeping Meri on his “team.”

Kody Brown and Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Sister Wives/TLC

What do you think? Was Kody Brown’s anecdote about Christine really true? Leave your own opinions in the comments. Let everyone else know what’s on your mind.

There’s plenty of bad blood between Meri and Christine as it is

If Kody Brown had just left things alone, Meri probably wouldn’t have switched to “Team Christine” anyway. In the tell-all, Christine revealed there was a lot of bad blood between her and Meri. Christine asserted that she didn’t feel safe with Meri and it was in her best interests to end the friendship. It doesn’t appear that the women have had much contact at all since Christine moved back to Utah with Truely.

There are still two episodes left in the tell-all, so make sure to tune in and see what happens next. Follow TV Shows Ace online for more information on Kody Brown and the rest of the Sister Wives cast.

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  1. Kody is and was a very bad husband, once he told Meri he wanted a divorce so she can marry Robyn that shows all his other wife’s he has a favorite. That was the beginning of the end. What an idiot. I honestly don’t think he cares and it shows.

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