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‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown’s New Hair Makeover Just An Illusion?

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Sister Wives fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of Season 17. As it is just around the corner, they have noticed something new and different. Kody Brown seemingly changed up his “iconic” hairstyle. It appeared he lopped off his curly locks which was quite exciting. Yet, did he actually take the plunge or is it an optical illusion? Eagle-eyed fans have solved the mystery.

Kody’s Hair Has Been A Sister Wives Joke

The main cast of Sister Wives has definitely not been fashion icons. When the series started in 2010, Kody and his four wives had a very strict dress code. They were conservative and often plain and simple with their style. Once the show started to pick up traction, their looks evolved. The wives began upping their fashion game with more designs, denim, and makeup. Kody’s first and fourth wives, Meri and Robyn are constantly being mocked for the way they overdo their eyebrows. Fans have insisted that they get a better makeup artist. Most likely, they are their own artists.

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Additionally, they modernized their hairstyles. Yet, Kody always struggled with his mop. He has very curly hair which started out straight and then it went to super curls. In addition, the patriarch had crazy frizzy moments which made him look like a madman. Then there was his receding hairline which he tried to incorporate in his occasional ponytail. He would go between that and loose curls. Finally, it looked like Kody finally got a much-needed hair makeover. Is it just an illusion?

Real Or Fake?

No one was quite certain if Kody had actually chopped off his hair or not. It did look a lot different in a Cameo that he did. However, a Reddit thread recently started to break down his new look. It seems it is just an optical illusion. “Definitely not cut. If he slicked this hair back it would look cut. Mystery over lol,” the thread started. Similarly, other Redditors had much to say about his hair creation:

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  • “Uncut but still looks like a decomposing nest of poisoned spiders.”
  • “He’ll never cut his hair. He thinks it makes him look younger and he’s all about appearances.”
  • “Those straggling ramen noodles are his name and glory. He’s not cutting it off, unless those noodles victimize poor Sobyn, then they’re gone!”
  • “Now why would Kody cut off the thing he holds most dear and what he assumes emulates his masculinity”
  • “He needs to just cut it and get it over with. He isn’t attractive but when I thought he had cut his hair he looked 1000x better”

Ultimately, fans agree that, though he should, Kody will never cut off his hair. Yes, he would look better with it shorter but alas, it probably won’t happen. What do you think of him getting a new look? Let us know and watch the Season 17 premiere of Sister Wives on TLC September 11.

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