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Meri Brown’s Catfish Lover Makes New Statement Amid Kody Split

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Many consider Meri Brown’s catfish situation to be the biggest scandal to occur throughout the entire Sister Wives history. Despite it happening several years ago, it continues to get brought up during recent episodes and fan chatter. At the end of the day, Meri Brown’s online love affair was the “knife in the kidney” for Kody that ended their spiritual marriage.

Meri Brown YOutube
Meri Brown Youtube

Meri Brown’s online lover was a catfish

As far as fans know, Meri Brown was talking to a man online named Sam Cooper. Meri Brown explained on the show she was lonely and feeling rejected by her husband Kody. So, in a moment of weakness, she connected with a man online named Sam Cooper. Unfortunately for Meri, it was discovered that her online lover was nothing more than a catfish. Now, Sam Cooper’s real name was actually Jackie Overton.

Jackie/Sam ended up profiting off of his/her internet relationship with Meri by writing a book called, “Almost Meri’ed.”

Meri Brown - Kody Brown Youtube
Meri Brown – Kody Brown Youtube

Now, despite this information being very much out there and easy to access, Sam Cooper remains very active on Twitter. Per the male Twitter profile, Sam claims to be a father of five. Presently, Jackie who is also ‘Sam’ spends much of his/her time asking for monetary donations that he/she can recycle to Sam’s “followers in need.” Obviously, there’s no way to know for sure what he/she is or isn’t doing with the funds. But, many Sister Wives fans find it sketchy that she’s taking so much money from people while pretending to be someone she isn’t.

Sam Cooper/Jackie Overton issued a new statement

When news of Kody and Meri Brown’s split was confirmed in the headlines recently, Jackie took to her Sam Cooper Twitter profile to issue a new statement. Jackie claimed as Sam Cooper that multiple media outlets had reached out to her wanting a statement. So, she decided to tweet one so people would leave her/him alone.

Jackie as Sam penned in a tweet attached to the link confirming Kody and Meri’s split: “Once upon a time we fell in love and we were happy together. We laughed until we didn’t. I know she will find a new guy and be happy. Leave her alone.”

In a follow-up tweet, Jackie as Sam Cooper continues to double down on the fact that he/she was Meri’s online lover but he/she was not a catfish. He/She claims that Meri made up the whole catfish story to protect Sam. And, that Sam’s last name isn’t even Cooper.

Jackie tweeted as Sam said: “Meri never told them my real last name. It’s not Cooper. I’ve said that publicly for years. She protected me by not. Why?”

Because that is her way of trying to do at least something to make up for all her lies about me. When we were together she even floated the idea of her and I doing a spin off show when she left with me. I said Hell no! I don’t want that or any fame. That’s not me at all.”

Learn more about Meri Brown’s catfish lover’s recent statement in the video down below:

Does it surprise you that Meri Brown’s catfish lover insists he is not a catfish at all and that the catfish scandal was a lie? What are your thoughts on this statement? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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  1. I think the person is a very sick individual who just wants attention and money! if this person was really a “man” why did they not come forward and prove who they are live for all to see? Also, why is it that the woman in the picture not come forward saying she had nothing to do with it?!!!

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