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Meri Brown Catfish Scandal Still Has Fans Scratching Their Heads

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Years ago, Sister Wives fans watched the catfish scandal play out onscreen. Meri Brown felt really isolated from the rest of her family and decided to look for love and attention elsewhere.

But even years later, many fans still have more questions than answers about the situation. More specifically, what kind of dirt did the catfish have on Meri and the rest of the Browns?

Keep reading to see what online fans had to say.

Meri Brown really struggled to rebuild her life after the catfishing scandal

After Meri Brown’s daughter Mariah went to college, Meri started to develop depression. She missed her daughter and also felt like she no longer mattered to her husband Kody. As a result, she started focusing on online friendships. Unfortunately, one “friend” turned out to be a catfish who threatened to bring down the entire Brown family.

“What info did the catfish release about Meri and the gang?” one Reddit user asked in the Sister Wives Reddit threads. “…Idk if I missed what exactly was released by the catfish or if it was in the media and the show didn’t talk about specifics. … Also, I read on this sub that Meri sent the catfish pics? What kind of pics??”

The original poster also pointed out that they thought it was odd that other Sister Wives cast members talked about the catfish for so long. It clearly mattered a lot to the members of the Brown family, but there weren’t many details given about the situation.

Sister Wives/TLC

Another Reddit user reminded everyone that the catfish was actually a woman who tried to lure in Meri with promises of love. And this wasn’t the first time the catfish tried to hurt someone.

“She is a professional catfisher who went out of her way to target Meri because the catfisher is dying for D list celebrity status. She still maintains a blog which she writes every day as ‘Sam’ a wealthy businessman looking for love.”

Meri Brown from TLC
Meri Brown/TLC

Other Reddit users chimed in that a lot of information was readily available online if people were willing to Google it. But they also cautioned fans that some of the material was unsavory and should be done at one’s own risk.

Where is the TLC personality today?

Since the catfishing situation, Meri Brown has really struggled to fully rebuild her life. Today, she posts cryptic inspirational quotes on her Instagram page. The journey has been long, but she advised her followers to follow their guts and use their instincts. That’s something the TLC star knows a lot about.

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