Sobyn Robyn Brown Fights To Shed Tears, Wipes Dry Eyes

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Sobyn Robyn Brown, once again, was emotional during part one of the tell-all. The Sister Wives cast gathered for their one-on-one interviews, which aired the first part on Sunday, December 18th. Though not much was revealed, as viewers had hoped, certain subjects hit Robyn in the feels. However, as much as she strained and tried, those emotions did not bring the tears that the mother of five pretended to wipe away. Read on for more details.

Sobyn Robyn Brown Fights To Shed Tears, Wipes Dry Eyes

Fans are well-aware that Kody’s fourth wife sobs at the drop of a hat. She was interviewed during part one. Much of what Robyn discussed was Christine leaving, how it changed her life, and what it meant to be divorced. She explained that she believed Kody’s former third wife was not really divorced until she was intimate with another man. Then, she would have committed adultery thus breaking the marital contract.

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For Christine, as she has said repeatedly, she is no longer involved in the church and hasn’t been for some time. Therefore, she does not need them to tell her that her marriage is over. Robyn remained mildly composed while explaining this. Yet, it was when she talked about Christine taking away her dreams that choked up Kody’s only legal wife. She shared that she had hoped they would grow old together, like the women that they had seen in their church.

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Together, they would watch their grandkids and have this sisterhood. Host Sukanya Krishnan asked if she felt Christine robbed her of her dreams. She said yes. During this segment, Robyn was visibly emotional. However, as she wiped her eyes, they were clearly dry. She did not have tears coming from them or anything of the sort. This has been pretty typical of Robyn and fans have taken note of this. They have waited for her to actually show some tears.

An Emotional Journey

The three-part tell-all will definitely be an emotional journey for someone like Robyn Brown who will cry at the drop of a hat. She will have to deal with losing two more sister wives. In part one, it was confirmed that Meri and Kody are no longer together. Then, prior to the tell-all airing, the preview showed that Kody and his second wife Janell had separated. Therefore, Robyn will have to confront her emotions in regard to her how her husband is doing and what this means for their family.

Do you think Robyn is capable of crying real tears or is Sobyn Robyn just her brand? Let us know your thoughts and watch part two of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday, January 1st on TLC.

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