Robyn Brown Says Christine Robbed Her Of Her Future Dream

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Robyn Brown believes Christine robbed her of her future dreams. Though the two had a contentious relationship, Christine leaving crushed Robyn’s fantasies. In part one of the Sister Wives tell-all, Robyn explained exactly why she felt she was robbed and what was taken from her. Read on for more details.

Robyn Brown Says Christine Robbed Her Of Her Future Dream

Host Sukanya Krishnan was discussing Christine’s departure from the plural family with Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn. She explained that she had remained hopeful for a reconciliation. However, her heart broke when Christine said that they could not have a relationship once she moved to Utah. She had said that she needed space and that meant from two of her sister wives, Meri and Robyn but not Janelle who had become a best friend.

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This crushed Robyn and she went on to explain why. She claimed that she had dreams of them growing older, like the women that they had seen in their church. Growing up in this sisterhood and watching their grandchildren together. Sukanya asks if Robyn feels Christine robbed her of that. To this, Robyn says, “yes, she took it away.”

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Again, the hopeful side of Robyn believed that if Christine was happy with someone else, she would want a relationship with her. That does not look like it is going to happen anytime soon. Still, Robyn wishes that her former sister wife would let her in. Yet, it was extremely hard as Kody would always make Robyn out to be the favorite, the wife to live up to. These were impossible standards that no wife should ever have to deal with.

Dreams Do Come True

Part of Robyn Brown’s dreams still did come true. On November 17th, when Christine and Kody’s daughter, Mykelti was induced, Robyn was there. She had been very close to Mykelti since she first came into the family and the bond had remained strong. When Mykelti had a home birth the first time around, she was in Utah. Christine was there but, due to the pandemic, Robyn had to be Zoomed in. Everyone made sure that she was extremely involved, even at a distance.

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For the second time around, when Mykelti was induced with her twin boys, Robyn was right there alongside Christine. It seems that the tell-all was filmed prior to this happening despite the host acknowledging the birth of the twins. Therefore, in some capacity, Christine has helped to give Robyn her dream back.

Do you think Robyn is selfish to blame Christine for robbing her of her dream? Should she forgive her and let her live her own happiness? Let us know and watch Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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