‘GMA’ Jennifer Ashton Deactivates Twitter & Leaves Show, Why?

Jennifer Ashton [GMA | YouTube]

GMA co-anchor Jennifer Ashton deactivates Twitter and leaves the show. In a dramatic fashion, she announced that she has to take a break from the morning show. This comes as her fellow co-anchors are in involved in a scandal of their own.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach both went dark on Instagram. This came after DailyMail.com published videos and photos of the two looking cozy on numerous occasions. The two co-hosts have allegedly been involved in a months-long romance despite being married.

ABC benched the co-hosts for the time being as an internal review takes place.

Jennifer Ashton [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]

Jennifer Ashton leaves Twitter

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Jennifer Ashton announced that she’s leaving Twitter. She was tired of dealing with trolls on the social media app. However, it has nothing to do with the new ownership or the GMA scandal. Jennifer took to her Instagram Stories to share that she’s tired of the increase of “misinformation” on the platform.

“I just deactivated my Twitter account…” Jennifer Ashton wrote in her Instagram Stories. “The anti-scientific rhetoric hate/anger/nastiness & vitriol is just too toxic.”

Jennifer Ashton Shares Statement [Jennifer Ashton | Instagram Stories]
[Jennifer Ashton | Instagram Stories]
At first, GMA fans wondered if she deactivated her account because of all the buzz surrounding T.J. and Amy. She had to take a break from social media after experiencing an increase in comments on her posts. The move comes after she interviewed Dr. Fauci on Good Morning America.

Jennifer shared a clip from the interview on Instagram as well. However, most fans were focused on the ongoing scandal with the talk show. They took to her Instagram post to demand she bring back the scorned GMA3 lovers. Jennifer is ignoring that scandal and is taking a break from the show.

Announces departure from GMA

Jennifer Ashton shared that she will be taking a break from the morning show. She is the next co-host who’s going on a holiday break amid the co-host shakeup. During Friday’s broadcast of Good Morning America, Jennifer shared news with her co-hosts. She admitted that it was her last day on the talk show.

Newbie Rhiannon Ally, who could replace Amy Robach, said: “Dr. Jen is leaving us in the cold.” Jennifer Ashton confirmed on Instagram that it was her last day of work. She wrote: “Good Morning America: my ‘last day of work before going on vacation.'”

Jennifer Ashton Announces Departure From GMA [Jennifer Ashton | Instagram]
[Jennifer Ashton | Instagram]
Fans took to the comment section of the Instagram post to wish her a happy and safe holiday. Others shared they will miss her on the show. Meanwhile, T.J. and Amy may not return until sometime in 2023. Fans are hoping that the trio will be back on GMA3.

What are your thoughts on Jennifer Ashton deactivating her Twitter and leaving the show? Does this surprise you? Do you miss the original trio on GMA3? Sound off below in the comment section.

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