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‘GMA’ Fans Beg Dr. Jennifer Ashton: Bring Back TJ & Amy!

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GMA fans beg Dr. Jennifer Ashton to bring back T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach. The drama involving the co-hosts continues. Some of them stormed her Instagram post to discuss the scandal involving Good Morning America. ABC benched T.J. and Amy amid the internal investigation into their alleged affair.

Dr. Jennifer focused on the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Most people will gather at holiday events and parties in the next few weeks. The GMA3 co-anchor shed light on the ongoing pandemic and what people can do to protect themselves. However, fans have something else on their minds.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]

Dr. Jennifer Ashton sheds light on pandemic

Dr. Jennifer Ashton was featured in the third hour of the morning show. She interviewed Joe Biden’s medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci. The GMA3 medical professional shared the professional photos on her Instagram feed. Fans had something else on their minds. They told her that they want T.J. and Amy back on the show.

“Bring back Amy and TJ,” one fan wrote.

“Fauci is awesome… so are Amy and TJ,” another added.

GMA fans have a mixed reaction to the alleged affair. Some want the star-crossed lovers to return and don’t think they should lose their jobs. Others feel that T.J. and Amy should remain off the show. Some of those viewers took to Twitter to react to the way the network handled the rumored romance.

  • “What they did to TJ Holmes and Amy Robach is wrong because they don’t violate any company policy or commit a crime.”
  • “I am still upset [about] the way ABC is handling Amy & TJ. I like them and I think what they do on their own time is their business.”
  • “I really don’t understand the Amy / TJ furor I thought they were both separated if that’s the case what’s the problem?”

The drama came after DailyMail.com posted photos and videos of the co-anchors around New York City. They spent time at a bar and left each other’s apartments. The bombshell report went viral on social media. T.J. and Amy even enjoyed a weekend getaway together.

GMA fans threaten to boycott morning show

Meanwhile, GMA fans are threatening to boycott the morning show. DeMarco Morgan is said to replace T.J. on GMA3. Fans haven’t been happy with his replacement. He appeared alongside Stephanie Ramos and Jennifer Ashton during one live broadcast. Fans have shared their thoughts on Twitter.

  • “Really?! With all the s*** going on — you get rid of TJ? Come on!”
  • “Don’t even watch anymore because of it.”
  • “Bring back TJ please!”

Amy and T.J. could return on separate broadcasts on the morning show. Or, the network could demote them to lesser roles. They haven’t announced anything yet. The investigation is ongoing.

What are your thoughts on GMA fans begging Dr. Jennifer Ashton to bring back T.J. and Amy? Do you agree with them? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. How can it be an “affair” when they are both separated? They love each other. It doesn’t mean they should lose their jobs. Bring them back and move on.

    1. I agree whole heartedly they fell in love I’m so happy for them they made the show with Jen Ashton I love those three haven’t watched it since they left …. I find them to be fun and made that show …please bring them back !!!!!!!!!

  2. Never let them come back on any show. They showed what family value is not about. Keep them far away from the camera. They’ve made enough money to live on.

    1. I agree whole heartedly they fell in love I’m so happy for them they made the show with Jen Ashton I love those three haven’t watched it since they left …. I find them to be fun and made that show …please bring them back !!!!!!!!!

      1. Me too! It’s so boring without them. They are consenting adults and deserve to be with who they love, just like anyone else. What they do in private is no one’s business.

  3. Bring back TJ and Amy.
    Have stopped watching both GMA and GMA 3
    What they do on their own time no one’s business
    They did not break any rules why are you making such a big deal about it.

  4. Can you imagine a world with respect of marriage and no adultery? …or maybe one where, at the very least, we talked about more important things?

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