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Amy Robach Frowns Amid ‘GMA’ Investigation

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Amy Robach frowns amid the GMA investigation. The ABC News anchor made an appearance in New York City. This comes after published 65 photos and footage of her cozying up to her co-anchor T.J. Holmes. Both are on temporary leave right now as the show figures out what to do with them. ABC has also launched an investigation into the alleged affair. Read on to see the latest photos of Amy out with friends.

GMA3 co-host pretends to frown in NYC

The U.S. Sun published exclusive photos of Amy Robach in New York City. She pretended to frown during the sighting. The former Today Show co-host mocked the affair rumors with her facial expressions. She was spotted out for the first time since her job has been affected.

Amy Robach [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
Last week, published an explosive report about Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’ alleged six-month affair. The two still appeared together on Good Morning America. They seemed to have made light of the affair rumors in the recent broadcasts. Since then, they’ve been replaced by new talent.

As TV Shows Ace previously, the network is currently testing DeMarco Morgan, who could replace T.J. He made his debut on GMA3 with a woman who looked similar to Amy Robach. During her recent sighting on Sunday, December 11, she walked the streets of New York City alone. She didn’t wear her wedding ring during the sighting.

Amy Robach [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
Amy wore a black wool coat over a black zip-hooded sweatshirt and matching joggers. She finished off her look with colorful Ugg boots. The television personality was expressive as she walked through the streets. It’s unclear who she was talking to during the sighting. Amy also pretended to frown as the paparazzi snapped her photos.

The 49-year-old made another appearance that day. This time, Amy walked her dog as she spoke to a passerby. She appeared to be in good spirits during that sighting. Aside from her walk with her dog, Amy was enjoying her time to herself.

Amy Robach treats herself amid affair rumors

The Good Morning America co-host made good use of this Sunday. She also stopped by a nail salon where she got a set of dark purple nails. Amy Robach spoke to someone on her Airpods. She also walked alongside a female friend who wore a black quilted jacket and light gray jogging pants.

During that time, Amy Robach wore aviator sunglasses. She made a stink face as they engaged in conversation. The television host made sure that the photographers got a good look at her expression. News of her alleged affair with T.J. broke earlier this month, and the two are off the air as the show deals with the backlash.

Check out the rest of the photos of the GMA3 co-anchor for yourself here.

What are your thoughts on Amy Robach’s frown amid the GMA investigation? Do you think she’s truly upset about what happened? Or, do you think she cares? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I think that these 2 adults new exactly what they were doing and what a time for sin at Christmas! don’t think I like this tj Holmes and his affairs with woman ! Lord have mercy on them!

  2. WOW, here we have adults acting like teen age kids. Very selfish of them. Should they be gone from GMC, I vote YES. To hell with the ratings. They didn’t think about that, their families or anyone else. This is why you should not date someone you work with, it gets messy. Lastly, Heaven forbid if relationship does not workout then we have to go through that. This is why I don’t watch Soap Operas.

  3. Why people worry so much about extramarital affairs. This is 2022. Let them have all the fun they want they’re grown ups.

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