Gayle King Calls T.J. Holmes & Amy Robach Affair ‘Sloppy’

Gayle King

Gayle King calls T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach’s affair “sloppy.” She made the shady comment during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live. It’s the first time that someone within the talk show circuit has mentioned the affair. No other daytime or late-night talk shows have touched the subject. Keep reading to learn more.

Throwing shade at T.J. Holmes & Amy Robach

Last week, the GMA3 co-anchors made headlines of their own. published photos and video of their alleged six-month affair. T.J. and Amy went on a getaway to upstate New York and had a cozy date at a bar in the city. ABC put the co-hosts on pause as they figure out what to do with this messy situation.

Both T.J. and Amy are still legally married to other people. However, they claim that they were separated from their spouses at the time of their romantic relationship. The scandal sparked a heated debate on social media. Most talk shows haven’t mentioned it up to this point.

Gayle King [Watch What Happens Live | YouTube]
[Watch What Happens Live | YouTube]
Gayle King was a guest on WWHL this week. Host Andy Cohen asked her to share her thoughts since she is a co-anchor on CBS Mornings. It would make sense for the reporter to share her thoughts on the idea of two colleagues cheating on their spouses. Gayle sides with ABC’s decision, but doesn’t think the alleged affair should affect their careers.

“I look at the situation and I do say it’s very interesting what’s happening over there,” Gayle King admitted. “It’s just gotten very messy and very sloppy, I do think that. Because in the beginning, I actually thought good on Good Morning America, they’re saying they’re not taking them off the air, two consenting adults.”

Gayle continued to share her true feelings on the matter. She slammed the co-anchors for hurting their respective spouses and children. Both T.J. and Amy have kids from other spouses. The television personality feels bad for their kids during this difficult time.

“I think, to me, it’s just a sad situation because you’ve got kids involved, you’ve got families involved, and I keep thinking about that,” Gayle King continued. “I’m very concerned about that.

Gayle King mentions a special gift from Oprah Winfrey

Also during that episode, Gayle King mentioned the special gift she received from Oprah Winfrey. She wears her diamond necklace on the air every day. It holds a lot of meaning to her. One viewer asked Gayle about the necklace she always wears on the morning show.

Gayle King [Watch What Happens Live | YouTube]
[Watch What Happens Live | YouTube]
Andy already knew that it was a gift from Oprah. Gayle confirmed that her best friend gave it to her after her divorce from Bill Bumpus. The silver chain necklace features a heart-shaped diamond that hangs around her neck. She shared the touching story behind it.

“She said, ‘One day your heart will sing, from your heart to mine. You’ll get through this,'” Gayle King shared. “So it has a very special meaning to me.”

The two have been friends for over 40 years. Gayle and Oprah worked in television together in Baltimore. Oprah made her start as a news anchor on WJZ-TV, where Gayle was a production assistant and writer.

What are your thoughts on Gayle King calling T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach “sloppy”? Do you agree with her? Do you think they should get fired? Sound off below in the comment section.

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