‘GMA’ T.J. Holmes & Amy Robach’s Instagrams Go Dark, Why?

TJ Holmes & Amy Robach

GMA co-anchors TJ Holmes and Amy Robach’s Instagrams go dark at the same time. Fans are wondering where they can follow their favorite television personalities. Both of them used social media to share their work and personal lives. As of recently, their personal lives have become tabloid fodder. Keep reading on to learn more.

Amy Robach defied struggles this year

Back in September, Amy Robach opened up about her struggles. The Good Morning America co-anchor took part in the Chicago Marathon. This led her to participate in the New York City Marathon last month. She admitted that she’s never done anything like this before in her life.

Amy admitted that she felt held back by her training. At the time, she took to her Instagram feed to share her journey and progress with fans. Her hard work was halted when she traveled to London to cover Queen Elizabeth II’s passing in June. She shared snapshots of her travels around the UK along with a map of her training.

Amy Robach's Instagram Post [Amy Robach | Instagram]
[Amy Robach | Instagram]
“Chicago Marathon in 2 weeks… and this was a STRUGGLE,” Amy Robach revealed.

However, she got back on track. Amy wasn’t the only GMA co-anchor who was upping their running game. Her fellow co-host TJ Holmes also shared his struggles with trying out for the NYC Marathon. He had to overcome both physical and mental obstacles to make it happen.

TJ Holmes participated in the NYC Marathon

In early November, TJ Holmes shared his inspirational journey on Instagram. He was proud of how far he came and what he accomplished. However, TJ admits that it wasn’t easy at times. He never saw himself ever doing this in his life, so he had to put his mindset to it.

“One of the ABSOLUTE best and most incredible days of my life. Still can’t believe it: I ran the friggin’ #NYCMarathon,” TJ Holmes wrote in his Instagram post. “It was something that for years I openly and forcefully declared that I would NEVER do. Never say never, huh?”

TJ Holmes Shares Inspirational Post [TJ Holmes | Instagram]
[TJ Holmes | Instagram]
It made him more appreciative of New York City. TJ was so hyped up from that adrenaline high that he declared that he was running again next year. His life has changed ever since. TJ was recently dragged into the headlines with Amy, leading them to delete their Instagram accounts.

Where did TJ Holmes & Amy Robach go?

Per E! News, both of the GMA co-anchors are currently taking a break from social media. TJ Holmes and Amy Robach deactivated their respective Instagram accounts. The decision came on the heels of Daily Mail’s report that featured 65 photos and video footage of the two together on various occasions. They looked cozy and flirtatious in many of the photos.

Other photos showed TJ Holmes patting Amy on the butt. The two were also spotted laughing together at a Manhattan bar. According to reports, the married journalists grew close while training together for the NYC Marathon. TJ has been married to attorney Marilee Fiebig for 11 years, while Amy has been married to Melrose Place alum Andrew Shue since 2010.

What are your thoughts on TJ Holmes and Amy Robach going dark on Instagram? Do you think they should take a break from social media? Or, do you think they should make a comeback? Sound off below in the comment section.

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