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‘The Sandman’s Rogue Nightmare Hopeful Of His Season 2 Return

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The Sandman’s rogue nightmare, Corinthian, might be a part of the upcoming season. At least that is what actor Boyd Holbrook is hoping for. The last fans saw of Holbrook’s character, he was destroyed by Morpheus (the dream lord) for going rogue. Although the nightmare might be gone, the actor and fans alike are hopeful that the character might return in Season 2. Keep reading to find out what Holbrook says about his character’s future.

Will Corinthian Be Reincarnated As A Good Guy In Season 2?

Corinthian is a nightmare created by Dream that goes rogue and fails to fulfill its original design. He was tasked to be a black mirror that reflects the darkness that humanity fails to confront in itself. The nightmare has always resented the boundaries between the waking and dreaming world. In an interview with EW, Holbrook discussed the potential for his character’s return. The actor also revealed that he is excited to see how the story transpires after his dramatic confrontation with Morpheus in the Season 1 finale.

Corinthian Netflix The Sandman YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

He said, “I think the reincarnation aspect is really exciting because you’ve already set up the Corinthian as this bad guy, but then if he’s reincarnated as a good guy, you’re always constantly wondering if it’s for real or not. I think you’ll have people on the hook. You can reel them back and forth and really play with that. I think that’s going to be even better, actually.”

Holbrook Is In The Dark About The Sandman Season 2

Although Holbrook seemed excited to reprise his role in The Sandman, he admitted that he is in the dark about the upcoming season and his possible return.

Corinthian Netflix The Sandman YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

He revealed, “I’ve been getting some information trickling down about that. I think we’ll go back maybe in the summer to start doing some stuff, but I don’t know when they’ll call me if it’ll be Season 2 or Season 3. But I love that the Corinthian has made an impact and that people dig it.”

When Does The Sandman Season 2 Premiere On Netflix?

The Sandman Season 1 premiered on Netflix on August 5, 2022. The debut season had a total of 10 episodes and an additional one that dropped on August 19. Fans patiently waited on news of renewal for the series. Eventually, fans received word of the show’s future in November 2022. However, the makers were skeptical of its renewal. The series has some intense graphics and cinematography, and it calls for a heavy budget. At the same time, the series also ranked at number one on Netflix’s global Top 10 titles for three days post its premiere on the streaming service.

Corinthian Netflix The Sandman YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Unfortunately, there is no confirmation of an official release date for The Sandman Season 2 yet.

Do you think Holbrook’s character Corinthian should be revived in Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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