‘Sandman’ Author Reveals Big Season 2 LGBTQ+ Character Debut

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Netflix’s The Sandman was officially renewed for a second season given its massive success on the streaming platform. Plus, author Neil Gaiman couldn’t be happier. The author recently provided his take on why LGBTQ+ characters are a major part of the storyline. What did he reveal? Keep reading to find out the details!

Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman Has A Big LGBTQ+ Fanbase

In an interview after the series adaptation of the comic premiered, Gaiman explained what motivated him to feature characters from the queer community in the Netflix series. He revealed that his comic series was acquiring a steady fanbase amidst the massive LGBTQ+ community. This was pretty evident after he started meeting more people from the community at conventions.

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He explained, “The people in the lines, I would be starting to meet more and more LGBTQ people who were just not the kind of people who would ever read comics, but they were finding themselves in Sandman. That was huge.”

Neil Gaiman Wished To Accurately Represent His Sandman World

The comic author then said that his decision to include several LGBTQ+ characters in the storyline comes from his desire to create an accurate representation of his world. He also noted that The Sandman is all about people and said, “I’d put all of the LGBTQ people in there because they were my friends and I wanted Sandman to reflect the world that I lived in. And if I’d not put gay characters in, if I hadn’t put lesbian characters in, if I didn’t have trans people in, it would’ve been untrue to my world.”

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Gaiman further revealed that he wanted to ensure the story is about people. Moreover, everybody seemed to respond positively to that.

The Sandman Season 2 Will Have A Major Transgender Character

While The Sandman Season 1 did reveal some LGBTQ+ characters in the show, the story is set to become more diverse in the forthcoming season. As per CBR.com, Gaiman revealed that an important transgender character Wanda, from the A Game Of You story arc, will debut in Season 2. Moreover, the story will trail her struggles coming out as a transgender woman.

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The dark-fantasy series centers on Morpheus, the King Of Dreams played by Tom Sturridge. The story trails his adventures after his nail-biting escape from a century-long imprisonment. In his journey to restore his kingdom, he comes across several major characters. This includes Death, Lucienne, Lucifer Morningstar, the Corinthian, Johanna Constantine, John Dee, and more.

When Does Season 2 Of The Netflix Series Premiere?

The Sandman Season 1 premiered in August and by the first week, it had around 69.5 Million watched hours. This doubled to 127.5 Million by the second season followed by 77.2 Million in the third week.

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And 53.8 Million viewed hours in the fourth. While fans loved the first season, rallying on social media for its renewal, makers were skeptical of the same. Luckily, the streamer did renew it for a second season which is most likely to release around August 2024.

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Finally, have you watched The Sandman Season 1 yet? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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